IGN: Shogun 2: Total War First Look

IGN writes: "It's been one of my basic assumptions here at IGN that there is no such thing as the "perfect" game. No matter how ambitious a designer's ideas might be, they will eventually encounter the limitations imposed by time, money or technology. While the results of working within these limitations can often be sublime, there's not a designer in this industry that hasn't wished for just a little bit more of whatever it would take to make their game better. Some of you might see that way of thinking as a reason to despair but I see it as a fundamental expression of hope and limitless potential for the PC development environment. It is, in my opinion, a fundamental belief for any fan of PC games".

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ColdFire3000d ago

Awesome, sounds great. I love the idea of it returning to it's roots. 56 000 in a battle, with new combat animations, this will be good :D

Gestalt3000d ago

The Medieval and Rome series never really took off with me, but this... I can get into this... :)