Heavy Rain: Is anyone still playing?

"Heavy Rain is an emotional and unique gaming experience, but does it have much replay value, asks Nick Cowen."

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jjacinto232995d ago

the taxidermist is kinda hard

GreenRingOfLife2995d ago ShowReplies(8)
mal_tez922994d ago

the gameplay mechanics seemed to lack inteactivity.

theunleashed642994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

see this is exactly why quantic dream shouldn't make any games for the
360 because you have people like this complain about everything and
bash it.

tplarkin72994d ago

It is fundamentally the same as the Dragon's Lair arcade from 1983. The video game journalists really failed in praising it. 'Fess-up guys. It can hardly be called a video game. It could have been desgined as an interactive DVD.

RedDevils2994d ago

"interactive" you say, could you control the player with "interactive" or do you just watch and select options?

TrailerParkSupervisr2994d ago

I like the new bubble system! He can only troll once an article! YES!

kneon2994d ago

I've played through a couple of times and go back now and then and replay sections to see what happens, but it doesn't have a lot of replay value unless you're a trophy whore.

And I agree with the author that subsequent plays though the game can never match the experience of playing it the first time. But even if I had only played through once, that phenomenal experience was well worth the $60.

frjoethesecond2994d ago

This is why I want to create a forgetting stuff machine.

badz1492994d ago

to get all the endings! and then I'm gonna Platinum it like what I intended to! doing different stuffs and then got different endings kinda cool though! I can't believe I haven't seen it all yet! 3 more endings to go and the Platinum is mine!

weazel2994d ago

....and, add conloles to that list. Like a turd in a truckers rest stop, the trolls just wont flush.

despair2994d ago

disturbing also, getting all the endings is fun though.

ian722994d ago

Noticed you back a few days ago. We have all been missing your trolling.

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Nitrowolf22995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I just put this game in my PS3 today after playing some Mod Racer
Its a great game, i wish there was more DLC that would explain some parts like Ethan Blackouts

Its a great game, and yeah i will admit its like watching a film But a really good one, plus i like the music in the game allot


Heavy Rain is one of the best games, and have one of the best Soundtracks in Videogames.

Ravage272994d ago

I'll wait for a couple of weeks more before starting on the Perfect Crime trophy, and gradually work towards the platinum by spacing apart my multiple playthroughs. That's the way to enjoy a masterpiece like HR imo, every playthrough will feel fresher and more enjoyable.

Not sure why people criticize the replay value of HR, i think it's fantastic honestly. Or maybe i'm the only here who enjoy revisiting games after long breaks? I got blown away again playing through KZ2's campaign recently, i've forgotten how fun the gunplay is.

TheDeadMetalhead2994d ago

I also wonder about the blackouts. What was the deal with that?

despair2994d ago

maybe its like lost leave somethings open to interpretation...damn bastards...Amazing game though, played it until I got everything just couldn't put it down.

LordMarius2995d ago

I'm still playing it everytime I get bored with RDR, which happens quite a lot....

himdeel2995d ago

...and I started riding away from any blue dots approaching me on scree lol. That being said I want to go back and finish the trophies in Heavy Rain but every time I get drawn into just playing the game :(

Raf1k12995d ago

The random encounters are great for an open world game but I agree sometimes I think "what the hell? just leave me alone" and ride away because I'm in the middle of something.

Hellsvacancy2995d ago

I dip in and out of it, im goin for the Platinum trophy but Red Dead and BC2 are takin up alot of my time and ive got Army Of Pooh The 40th Day on rental but i WILL finish Heavy Rain to 100%

wiggles2994d ago

Ditto...and I like a dumb ass did the whole game over again wanting to get the most ass backwards ending ever....never realizing that all I had to do was go back to the

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