Why multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 will not be such a bad thing

Many Mass Effect and Bioware fans alike are in rage about the possibility of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, however because the multiplayer would be done by Bioware Montreal and not Bioware Edmonton, competitive multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 might not be a bad thing but a great addition.

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dizzleK2915d ago

no, adding competitive multiplayer to this game would just be dumb. spin that shit off into a "mass effect chronicles" game or something. what is with developers? do they just wake up one day and forget what made them good? i didn't hear ANYBODY asking for multiplayer in this series.

blizzard_cool2915d ago

You know what, the said that mp in UC2 would be bad but I had my shear of great fun with it. If this will have mp, at least give it a chance before judging it. Maybe it will be good as the sp...

MikeTyson2915d ago

Agreed, same thing with the Metal Gear Series (well in my opinion) Mgo!

wiggles2915d ago

I'll give it a chance as long as the mp doesn't take away from the single player experience...

Megaton2915d ago

Not the same thing. UC2 is pure action/adventure TPS. Lends itself perfectly to multiplayer. Even with BioWare gutting most of the RPG out of ME2, it's still not the same.

If it's co-op they're adding, it needs to be separate mini campaigns like Resistance 2. I don't want anyone else making my decisions for me in the main story.

If it's competitive, I just don't see how it could be any good. They'd have to tweak the biotics to a point of uselessness in order to make them not totally overpowered. Otherwise you could be unstoppable just by slapping everyone with a singularity.

T9X692915d ago

How would it be dumb? There adding more to the game, your not forced to play. Jesus, since when did adding more gameplay to a game become a bad thing

Gamingisfornerds2915d ago

Since more often than not, the SP experience suffers. That's why. I completely agree with the notion that I don't want MP for Mass Effect, so it adds nothing for me, but possibly hurts the SP.

Not a good thing imo.

Immortal3212915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

if you don't have to take away from the story?

which is why blu ray is needed.

this article proves it.


why do all that?

SOAD2915d ago

Add an another disc, and bundle the game with a free harddrive (Microsoft's treat, of course) and now everyone who wants can install the discs onto the drive and play the game.

Microsoft may also need to add a transfer cable so gamers can transfer their profiles to the new drive.

SOAD2915d ago

"Why do all that?"

Well, although it seems like a lot, it would be easier to do than to add a Blu Ray drive to the 360, and it would be great fanservice. There are several games in the works that will require multiple disks. Rage is one of them. It would be a good thing for MS to do, and I don't think it would cost them a lot. How much do those hard drives cost them?

ThanatosDMC2915d ago

If it's separate from the main story then it's fine. I want all the loot.

Galaxia2915d ago

Multiplayer will ruin ME3 so much.

Even if it's just competitive multiplayer not in the main game. Because then Bioware will still have to spend lots of time tweaking the mechanics and end up focusing most on the cover systems and shooting mechanics instead of the actual story and RPG elements.

I want ME3 to be more like ME1 than ME2. Go back to the infite ammo with cooldowns, and being allowed to choose armor for everyone and finding tons of weapons. That was always great fun. I don't want it to be more of a shooter than ME2 was.

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MikeTyson2915d ago

I agree, it really can't hurt the story mode. More bang for the buck is the way I see it.

Charmers2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I would prefer the "more bang for the buck" be put into the single player game myself rather than tack on a multi player mode I will never use. Mass Effect is a single player game and it should remain a single player game till after Mass Effect 3. If Bioware want to branch out after that and do a multiplayer Mass Effect game then good luck to them, I won't bother with it myself just like I won't bother with Mass Effect 3 if it has multi player.

jacksonsgames2915d ago

It can only make the game better.

solar2915d ago

SEE BioShock 2. SP games should be SP games. not every game needs MP ffs. it's a gimmick to get you to buy the damn game.

Rucury2915d ago

I liked Bioshock 2 Online.

solar2915d ago

you are the only one......


iamgoatman2915d ago

I can imagine Rucury running around on his own, shooting at shadows, thinking "well this is fun".

EfanOne2915d ago

Resources and time that could have gone into lengthening or polishing on the single-player part of the game will be diverted to the multiplayer part. Sure, some games turn out awesome, like Uncharted 2, but there's a risk right there.

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