Famitsu readers chime in with thoughts on 3D gaming

"Several gaming giants (including Sony and Nintendo) are banking on 3D video games in a big way in their E3 portfolios. If a new survey released by Famitsu magazine is any indication, however, they may have a lot of convincing to do over in Japan."

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Alcon Caper2970d ago

To check out the 3D TVs on display. Although I thought it was an amazing technology, I just couldn't get over wearing those glasses. I felt that if my head was tilted a certain way while I was watching, it would get fuzzy. It looked fine, however when my head was level. Also, the new glasses were really bulky. And after a while of watching Monsters vs Aliens (the only true 3D movie out right now), the bridge of my nose was a little tender. I was watching Samsung only, so I don't know if the Sony brand would make a difference (probably not).

As opposed to seeing Avatar or Alice in Wonderland in a 3D IMax, I did feel that the 60 inch screen that I was watching the movie on was a bit confining. Yes it popped out at you, but only within the small confine of the television. So although the depth was impressive, the frame surrounding the screen was very confining.

Obviously these are problems that should be resolved in a couple of years and perhaps when they are resolved, Sony's take on gaming would have a solid enough foundation to make a difference. 3D TVs are still very very expensive and the glasses are also expensive. Perhaps the price point is what kept the pollsters from quickly agreeing to its incorporation into the gaming world.

However, if the opportunity presented itself, I'd choose glasses-less 3D any day of the week. It'll be interesting to see what Nintendo brings with the 3DS.

MonopolyRSV2970d ago

Developers are gonna have to spend more time to carefuly implement the 3D aspect of their games. If they mess up and the game causes people headaches and stuff, Or if the wrong objects pop out at you and it ends up looking cheap, they are gonna have a real hard time.