TVG: Crysis 2 First Look

There's something incredibly powerful about the imagery of New York City thrown into chaos. Comics and films of recent years (from J. J. Abrams' Cloverfield to Brian Wood's DMZ) have explored the notion to great effect, and in both cases you get the feeling that it's not just New York's status as arguably the most iconic city in the world that makes the depicted scenes so palpable. After all, scenes of terror and chaos in New York have been indelibly scribed on peoples' minds ever since 9/11 - a day so unbelievable that footage of it still feels eerily like watching fiction nearly nine years later.

Similarly to Cloverfield and DMZ then, Crysis 2 will also use this collective sense of fear and disbelief among the world's populace to buoy the setting of its long awaited and much anticipated Crysis sequel.

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NYPunk882967d ago

This game looks amazing I can't wait to get my hands on it. I have high expectations for this game...don't let me down!

Bobbykotickrulesz2967d ago


You can't keep this guy from saying it!

NYPunk882967d ago

this dude has dick on the brain.

NecrumSlavery2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Will this be the first 360 title to get online past 16 online? I thought the 60 player matches in Resistance 2 were really cool. I am assuming this game will support large scale online battles.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago

Didnt Frontlines: Fuel of War have like 50 players on the 360?

Oh and I doubt Crysis 2 will be pushing any bars when it comes to player count, probably just the usual 16-24 would be my guess.

Chubear2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

There's a reason no other game has done above 12v12 since Fuels of War. Frontlines had to sacrifice a lot with graphics, phsysics etc etc to have a hope to run and even then, you got lagg issues. There's a reason no one plays that game anymore and the community died within a week of release.

A big component about Crysis is it's graphics. The only way to keep the online graphics looking as good as possible is to make sure it stays within that 8v8 range.

EA did good by pushing their multiplat title to 12v12 but I'd be very surprised if Crytek can have a multiplat title do more than 12v12 even though it is coming on 5yreas since this gen started. Maybe another year or two before we see 16v16 online FPS multiplat games.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

His question was whether the 360 has a game larger than 16 players, which it does, he didnt say a "good game" ;)

But realistically, with dedicated servers and the net code designed for it, there's no reason one console could do more players in a game than another.

I dont care to get into which console would look or run better with X number, I'm just saying they're both more than capable of large player count games.

ps2ftw2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

there is a reason one console would do more players than another. online fps games work by prediction. so if you throw a grenade your xbox or ps3 can predict and already knows the consequence of that action so although gameplay seems seamless it really isn't. Although both xbox and ps3 have their strengths, ps3 is known for it's number crunching abilities (the cell broadband engine.) so it it is VERY good at calculations, predictions, physics, collision, animation, all of which is needed for smooth seamless online play. Take M.A.G as an example. 256 players and i've never experienced any lag even when everyone is crowded in one place. Another example is killzone's 64 player mode with the trademark killzone animation's, graphics and seamless gameplay. I have NEVER EVER experienced any lag AT ALL in that game.

btw: though i said above both xbox and ps3 have their strengths (xbox is better at transparency effects in multiplats) it is obvious that all the fantastic games have been coming out on ps3.

I had an xbox for a little over a year when it failed on me and i used to be the biggest jerk of an xbox fanboy EVER! I loved gears which was really fun but after playing games like mgs,uc,kz,lbp,r2,infamous and so on, i just can't go back. The difference in quality is amazing! It's so big!

ArchangelMike2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

KZ2 had 32x32 and maintained its graphical fidelity in multiplayer. I'm betting the PS3 can handly crysis 2 16x16 multiplayer games, and maybe even 32x32! Here's hoping.

Chnswdchldrn2967d ago

@archangel Mike

you may have just done a typo but its 16x16, and yes I would agree that killzone 2 did more than surpass my expectations for maintaining its graphical beauty, but it came (in some scenarios) with a cost of FPS drop

And i also hope that crysis, as you said, can handle a large number of players and not just the usual 16. i hope at least for the pc version theres a large amount

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NecrumSlavery2967d ago

I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but Killzone 2 did 32 online and it did not take a hit in visuals. I expected to be with 15 other buddies leveling a building with the opposing team in it. King of the Hill my ass...hehe

SOAD2967d ago

I disagree about it not taking a hit in visuals. In one map I played the environmental textures were surprisingly low-res.

Shaman2967d ago

Number of players in multiplayer does not really effect much on graphics.
In multiplayer everybody controls their own character so cpu does not have to run a.i code.But there is verts limit(polygon),the more character you have the more verts are needed,the more gpu power is needed...

But if your game in sp has 15-20 that should not be a problem.

Basically what im saying,games are mostly design limited with number of players on one map,not power of system.

DiLeCtioN2967d ago

are there any gameplay videos? all ive seen is a trailer...

Fishy Fingers2967d ago

Friday, Gametrailers have the first gameplay footage.

Demons Souls2967d ago

Crysis 2 will be like Crysis 1, overhyped graphics and terrible gameplay. At least with Crysis 1 it looked good but Crysis 2 is obviously looking like it will be a downgrade in graphics. Overall, it will be yet another mediocre game that will get overhyped.

crck2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

So what exactly was so bad about the gameplay? I enjoyed the game and it was definitely a different experience hiding in the thick brush and using the cloak to ambush huge groups of enemies. Besides that it played like any other shooter. You pick a weapon, run around and shoot people. It's not an overly complex genre.

dirthurts2967d ago

Then get back to me.
I'll be waiting for my apology.

SOAD2967d ago

The gameplay in Crysis is excellent. The story and characters might need working on, but the gameplay is solid.

iamgoatman2967d ago

From that drivel you just posted, I wouldn't be surprised if haven't actually played the game.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, what exactly was terrible about the gameplay? As you obviously found a lot wrong with it.

Chris_TC2967d ago

Of course he hasn't played the game. Like most of his kind he tries to belittle Crysis by reducing it to its graphics.

See, even the biggest fanboy can't downplay the graphics without looking like a complete moron. So that's usually the one thing they acknowledge.

Dr-ZOOM2967d ago

When are we going to see actual videos and not the same old pictures...

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