EA Sports on NBA Elite: Game Change; Not Just a Name Change

"EA Sports wants to make one thing clear. They are not changing the name on their long running NBA Live Franchise; they are changing the game. NBA Elite will be the new moniker by which future EA NBA Titles will be known. But that isn’t the biggest change happening."

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cain1412995d ago

Glad to know it isn't just a name change...

Bigpappy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Send me the demo. That will do the trick.

BetaChris2995d ago

"Profoundly evolve"? Sounds like marketing buzz words to me. Still, it's good to see EA has a reason for the re-branding...

cain1412995d ago

Oh both those quotes are totally all marketing buzz...

Jrlibrarian2995d ago

Could this eventually be put in the same category as "Blast Processing"?


So it looks like 2k won the battle on being the best basketball simulator to date, thus forcing E.A. to re-brand the franchise. *note* This is what would have happened to Madden if E.A. did not buy exclusive rights to NFL games, because nfl 2k would have stolen the show just as NBA 2k has done from LIVE.

Can you imagine if E.A. would have bought the rights to NBA games as well???? Eewwwww!!!

cain1412994d ago

Don't give us nightmares...

Funky Town_TX2994d ago

Competition is great. I have liked the 2k series of basketball and football since the Dreamcast days. I still remember trying to get my Madden and Live friends to try 2k sports. I have not purchased a NBA live game since the first xbox NBA live that I had. Live has let me down for a long time now. I'm getting tired of 2k basketball so I hope NBA Elite delivers.

Ziriux2994d ago

NBA Live is fail, they need something new.

johnbknight2994d ago

Yeah, a complete change was needed, I must admit I am a little excited for once about what EA has been doing...

seniorairman2994d ago

i'm a little excited too. i must admit before live 2010 came out, i was all over youtube looking at their videos. i was worried that i would have to put 2k on the back burner, especially after watching thier isomotion trailers. thats the one thing i love about live is the iso moves. but alas, all hope was gone once the demo came out.

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The story is too old to be commented.