NPD Delays May Data Until July

The monthly release of video game retails sales data from The NPD Group in the U.S. has become something of a "nerdfest" in the industry as journalists and analysts look to scour the results and pick them apart from every angle. Following a hugely disappointing April, it's looking like May fared much better, but we won't know for at least another month unfortunately.

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SilverSlug2848d ago

NPD. They have been delaying it lately, mostly on big months. So good. I'm tired of "GAMING IS DEAD" cuz Patcher says so.

The_Count2848d ago

Never. He's being retarded, like pachter.

SilverSlug2848d ago

"we have to worry" , then people took it as "OMG DECLINE WE ARE DEAD"

Please, shut up.

Nitrowolf22848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

being worried is not the same as saying its dead
By your comment patcher didn't say it, the people did

Edited: Why are you having him as a Source?
In no way did that quote mean anything about gaming is dead
you said it was dead but your other comment say patcher said it

Patcher is dumb, but your comments are confusing (not calling you dumb)

SilverSlug2848d ago

I said gaming is dead and Patcher is being used as a source.

Dance2848d ago

hell you talking about?

Thepro3182848d ago

we all know red redempation dominated software sales on both systems but hardware sales still up in the air

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Dance2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

oh noes its the end of the world

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The story is too old to be commented.