Uncharted 2 Title Update 1.08

"The latest Uncharted 2: Among Thieves title update, that released today in the US, addresses some multiplayer issues including exploits and balancing."

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rroded3036d ago

been a while since i played damn so many games arg...

sixaxis3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

yes, indeed i so liked U2 MP, but they started to mess around with it too much. devs almost changed the whole concept. I belive it was 1.05 update when i decided enough is enough and havent played it ever since BC2 came out, now playing RDR.

blizzard_cool3036d ago

During the beta it was the most fun for me, honestly. They fucked to much with it :/

-Alpha3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Yup, they screwed around with the formula and it became a confusing mess. They keep altering core mechanics which pisses everyone off, especially the long time players. Killing has become a lot easier.

The fact that they changed the health was downright dumb because they could have easily just made it a PLAYLIST. It's the most rationally fair decision yet they decided not do it and I'm still dumbfounded they did that.

I still play the game a lot and in fact play it daily now because it's real fun. It's an underrated MP game but Naughty Dog needs help when it comes to tweaking the game. There are still issues like slow matchmaking and starting games without the full players. This latest patch removed the Lab and it just shows that ND is a little lost.

Also, their numbers are dwindling. As much as 6-8000 played MP before they changed the system to "Daily Players". That's how many players are in one playlist in a Halo 3 game today! I blame the marketing because it was advertised as a SP game, which is fine. But it's making it hard to find games sometimes. I hope they remove the redundant playlists (ranked/objective/others all seem to do the same which divides the players too much).

They also need to balance something like Situational Awareness.
Hopefully Uncharted 3 can advertise and make the MP even greater. I know most people don't like the idea of MP in a SP game but I can't see Uncharted without it anymore, it is really a great MP.

Cregan45843036d ago

Couldn't agree with you more, Alpha.

BattleAxe3036d ago

Not sure what everyone is complaining about. I've been playing the MP alot lately and I think its a ton of fun. As far as making it easier to kill people, to me it seams to still take alot of shots to kill someone, its no wonder that they adjusted that part of the game. I mean, how many times should you have to shoot someone to kill them. MGO wasn't the greatest because it took way way too many shots to kill someone, you basically had to get a head shot to kill someone, and I think thats one of the things that killed that game.

Stop complaining people, this game is excellent online. Its seems that whether its Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 or Socom or any other game, people whine and complain about the dumbest s**t.

cLiCK_sLiCK93036d ago

Go back to MW2 if you want easy kills.

BeaArthur3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Naughty Dog made the mistake a lot of developers make, they tried to please everyone. U2 went through so many changes that I just couldn't play it anymore. The first update for quitting was necessary but everything after that was Naughty Dog trying to please the masses, a shame really.

Unicron3036d ago

Agreed. Pre - 1.05 was still the best.

BeaArthur3036d ago

Absolutely. I played a few rounds after 1.05 but just didn't like it as much. It's not that it was bad, it was that I had played a beta, a demo and 4 months of the game with the same system and then it was abruptly changed. If it had been that way all along that would have been fine, but I have never heard of a game changing the core mechanics through a patch post launch (when it wasn't needed).

MAGNUM-RAM3036d ago

i love the new updates!
So much easier to kill a guy. before it was half of a ak-47 at any range! even in the HEAD!

thats way too cartoony for me. Now Today. its a serious online game of skill and dedication. Quit playing with strangers and crying and get yourself some friends!

BeaArthur3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Three bullets doesn't take any skill. Everyone likes to complain about the old health system but I killed people just fine the old way. Now anyone that can hold a controller can get a kill. hit the nail on the head. Now all the "power weapons" are pretty useless because you can down someone with just about the same amount of shots whether you are using the AK-47 or the M4.

BattleAxe3036d ago

So its people like you who love to use the Grenade Launcher (noob tube)that are complaining about the number of hits it takes with an AK 47 taking away from the advantage of using a GL.... you've just lost all your credibility.

-Alpha3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

That's untrue MAGNUM. The starting weapon is SUPPOSED to be weak, but manageable. I can easily get kills with the AK and aiming to the head MADE A DIFFERENCE. You just couldn't expect a guy to drop as fast in something like MW2. It was necessary to have lots of health because it encouraged getting to cover and platforming. I liked lots of health because it made things a lot more tactical IMO. Also, the point was to get the power weapons-- the Deagle, the Grenade Launchers, RPGs, Pistoles, M4, etc. That was the best way to kill people easily, it was a greatly balanced game because of it. The AK-47 was NEVER supposed to be a powerful weapon, but it was supposed to be a weapon you could at least defend yourself with. The problem wasn't the health, it was the fact that players would spawn with this AK-47 that was purposefully hard to get kills with. The purpose is to move up and get the power weapons.

It's like Halo 3 really: start with a weak assault rifle that can still get kills, but the point is to control the power weapons. It still works, but now it's easy to get kills with the AK which makes things way too easy. I really want UC2 MP to stay strong, but people are fed up with getting constantly screwed with changes.

Philaroni3036d ago

All you need is the AK now, the FAL is more or less a joke, the M4 can still kill just not as good as the AK. They should add the MP40 in the game being that is the only SMG they have, would make a good starting weapon. When ND has a MP Lead position open I'll be sure to apply for it Alpha :P

-Alpha3036d ago

Yes, please, do it lol!

Socomer 19793036d ago

Sorry but you & bea Arthur are wrong.
Obviously naughty dog listened to guys like me & made the update to be played the way the game is supposed to be played. You're in the minority on that.

How you guys believe that a ak-47 is supposed to be weak is silly. A ak? Really? Last I heard the ak is the best all around assault rifle the world has ever known. You guys sure do have alot of complaints about dying.

Before, when you wasn't... Dying. You could stand off face to face, run straight up to a guy, do a roll & shotgun him in the face because the opponent had a ak-47 & has to reload because he unloaded on you. You call that more tactical? LoL! Nobody used cover before the patch. Kids figured out it you could melée all day & throw grenades. Guns were really useless.

With the patch people take cover. People go for power weapons. And if you like the ak-47 because that's the gun you play with in every other game. You can respect it's functionality in U2. It's not a bb. Gun. I know it's just a game but nobody is wearing armor & thier isn't much armor to protect against a 7.62 caliber semi-automatic beast with exceptional stopping power even at long range.

Also, I've noticed that alpha 22 & beaarthur tend to agree on everything. Do you guys even play games without crying about something? I feel like you read a article, then go to the games forum, soak up the general grievance thinking that it's a popular opinion. Then copy paste the ideas here thinking you'll get the most bubbles for it without realizing that you're joining the pity parties of those losers who just vent after being owned.

Do you realize how much you guys cry?
Like the commentor above said, you loose credibilty because you're getting owned even if you have a power weapon. Alpha 22 & bea Arthur, I always read your post because you're in everything from hardware to tennis shoes complaining or riding what you think is popular opinion.

There's just no way I could respect a guy who thought the ak-47 was supposed to a halo gun, compared the easier kills to modern warfare & cryied about getting owned with a default weapon neutralizing his desert eagle/GL/shotgun.

JAMurida3036d ago

I just wish they would make an update to limit the use of Situational Awareness to like 3-5 times a life or something. Just so annoying to be playing against someone who will just sit behind something the entire game and spam "up" on the dpad all day.

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