Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow fact sheet and launch screens

The official fact sheet as well as several launch screens for the Playstation 2 port of Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow have been released.

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sinncross2971d ago

With SF5 development being leaked over a year ago, this port is obviously to help get attention for the upcoming, though currently not official, PS3 title.

dizzleK2971d ago

that's what i figure, just keeping the name out there. that being said it's only $20 so i'll definitely pick it up.

ThanatosDMC2971d ago

You can buy it on PSN for $9.99 for the PSP if you have one.

mjolliffe2971d ago

Maybe we can expect more at E3...

yoshiro2971d ago

if sony presents a new syphon filter at E3, i can say that i am a happy guy :P

MAGNUM-RAM2971d ago

i saw the syphon filter ad for ps2 in PS Home yesterday.
I was all Ohhhhhhh SH!T! Its another clue for a new syphon filter soon on our PS3? I'd Pay 100 dollars for Gabe Logan to return, especially since Jack Bauer has moved on.

HDgamer2971d ago

I somehow doubt this will ever be born on the ps3 but hey the psp and ps2 is going to receive the love.

N4BmpS2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Sooo can we get a PS3 port of Syphon Filter as well? Please? I'm just sayin a critically acclaimed series like this should get a Blu-ray upgrade. I might uh buy this for my Ps2 That I still have. There is Hope HDgamer

dirthurts2971d ago

I thought this was a new PS3 game. I loved the old Syphon Filter games. They could use a good modern reboot.
Maybe some cover based shooting combined with some run and gun?

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