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D8: Project Natal demo, with video

RANCHO PALOS VERDE, Calif. -- Microsoft didn't provide any new details of its Xbox Project Natal control system at the D8 conference, beyond showing its latest hardware publicly. (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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N4PS3G   1950d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
Omega4  +   1950d ago
Didn't look like there was any lag whatsoever when the boy was play richocet, even when he was doing those fast kicks. Natal really has come a long way since last year.
mrv321  +   1950d ago
Pause at 0:42 and you'll see the bottom of an avatar shoes again.

It does seem less laggy I will admit that.
inveni0  +   1950d ago
Yes, lag seems much less. But, there's still a lot of glitches. THEY'RE SO CLOSE!
Squall5005  +   1949d ago
Bam. There it is!
SilverSlug  +   1950d ago
When the mom
was hitting the ball with the head, it was really laggy.
Bigpappy  +   1950d ago
@ SilverSlug
There is a second video below that one. I missed it the firt time also. There is no lag there though. M$ seem to be getting this thing to an impressive state with several months to go.
I suspect they have gone to production already. They need to have millions of these things ready for October or November the latest.
Alcon Caper  +   1950d ago
Quite impressive with the lack of lag.
Imperator  +   1949d ago
Well, they finally seem to have gotten the red ball game right. Now how about they try something new ey?

Good to see the lag isn't as prominent. Hopefully, this lack of lag will extend to other games and not just this one.
Omega6  +   1950d ago
LMAO! Man you are dillusional!!!!
wUTTer  +   1950d ago
"Skeletal Tracking"
If this skeletal tracking technology is suppose to mimmick a real skeleton, they failed.

If they can keep the avatar from twisting and flailing about, then microsoft may have something to work with.

I'm sorry guys but nothing has changed much since the "BAM!" fiasco.
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MNicholas  +   1950d ago
Lag looks.to be much reduced
But appears much more glitchy.

They must be using a simplified algorithm which trades accuracy for speed.

Probably a good decision.

Where's that demo with the talking boy who plays with the water?
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AAACE5  +   1950d ago
Come on man... You know no one here wants to hear that! They want to hear "It's terribly laggy" or "The games don't look fun" and all that crap!

You've been here on N4G for a while. You know better...lol!

I didn't get to view the vids on this PC because of some flash issues, but I will on the other one. So I can't judge right now!

By the way guys, this isn't the final product! They are just showing how Natal has progressed since it was last shown. It's still several months away from releasing, so anything can happen.
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Heisenberg  +   1950d ago
It seemed better
But there was most certainly still noticeable lag...
Patrick  +   1950d ago
Yeah I agree
It did seem like less lag although the lag is still there and is noticeable. However where I see the problems is the glitches that seem to be happening alot. Sometimes its seems like the avatar is kind of wavy and other times they just spaz out. I still dont see there being any true pin point accuracy. My kids may love it though. If it turns out ok, and thats a big IF, then maybe this will cause me to buy a 360. Disagree all you want, but at least I am being honest.
edgeofblade  +   1949d ago
The funny thing about the lag vs. glitches: We've been complaining about "lag", so they shift toward lowest cost processing of the skeletal tracking... leading to more glitches.

It's a balancing act. Which do you want... accurate skeletal tracking or lower lag? OR, would you prefer to have a setting where you can tune it to your own preferences?
lokiroo420  +   1950d ago
Lag looks to be reduced, but at the cost of tracking calculations. The avatar goes crazier than the bam video.
Timesplitter14  +   1950d ago
Cool ball punching but I hope you actually have interresting games for this, MS
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DigitalEnemy  +   1950d ago
Still not sold on Natal, lag is reduced, but like lokiroo420 states above it cutting back on key calculations. E3 will make or brake not only Natal, but even Xbox as a brand. Soo much hype is around this peripheral alone Microsoft cannot afford for a poor showing and got to deliver on their promise in less than 2 weeks time....

I hope Natal does live up to expections, not only for microsofts sake, but for the game industry in general....
Alcon Caper  +   1950d ago
Well, MS definitely won't let their E3 presentation be poor...I'm sure they've been rehearsing for months. If anything, it'll be the criticism from the media that will destroy it(not fanboy opinions). Fortunately, nearly every one of those closed door presentations have been positive with the amount of fun they've been having. Unless the devs fuck this up royally, I can't imagine a considerable difference in their response come E3.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1950d ago
I agree with Alcon.

I think the only two things that can destroy natal is media criticism or a high price tag.

The technology from what I have seen on videos is working better than I expect and is far superior to what Nintendo introduced with the Wii in terms of being able to pick up subtle movements.

E3 will be the reveal! Anxiously awaiting for so many reasons including both MS and Sony's show!

err... Nintendo not so much personally.
Doc Sony  +   1950d ago
Needs a lot of work
36T  +   1950d ago
It seems like you do too.
warzonegamer  +   1950d ago
idk im not sold on this im more hype for ps move
sxpacks  +   1950d ago
It looks like the avatars have no bones in their legs or necks.
It's like their zombies.

Also did anybody see the zombie walk by during the tech demo at 1:10?
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THC CELL  +   1950d ago
wow its still buggy after all this time and i note they dont show the person doing the moves maybe cause of the lag they are getting

I see this natal failing quicker then the HDDVD

five dis in 30 seconds wow
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corneliuscrust  +   1950d ago
not quicker
than your comment though.
THC CELL  +   1950d ago
you would love that

and people like u claim this site is run by ps3 fanboys
Point proven

Anyways Natal was passed by the biggest console company's in the world
how can anyone think it will work ? off of Microsoft hands?


Now stop sticking upto something that DOA
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corneliuscrust  +   1950d ago
If you knew what you were talking about in any way shape or form
You'd know that Natal is the product of a ton of MICROSOFT IN HOUSE R&D. It's not the 3DV camera, Natal was in development LONG before that acquisition.

Natal was not "passed by the biggest console compan[ies]" (there is no need for the apostrophe since it is plural, not possessive). Microsoft did not shop their product to other studios. If you are referring to Sony and Nintendo reps stating "We turned down Natal tech" they are just saying that they did not feel it was in their best interest to pursue 3D Camera technology.

They did not have access to either the software MS developed, nor the hardware. They just did not want to take their approach. So they didnt "pass on natal" they "passed on 3d camera tech"

No one will know if MS succeeded in taking that route or not until AT LEAST E3 when the games are officially unveiled. And more reasonably until we see how the sales shape up when it is released to the public.

But keep talking out your ass. It suits you.
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IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1950d ago
The skeleton mapping and such is MS technology. The hand gestures to control the interface and the ability to get a 3D topography map is supposedly third party, so what might have been shown to Ninty and Sony is likely that.

The real beauty of this is not the 3D camera as that has been well researched and documented for a long time, it is the full body skeleton mapping that is new.

Furthermore, I don't know if Ninty has the budget to research this type of technology the same way MS or maybe Sony could... I'm just speaking on top of my head when it comes to Ninty's financial state years ago before Wii was popular.
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XactGamer  +   1949d ago
How is THC CELL's comment not considered trolling? this site is messed up.
Death2494  +   1949d ago
I doubt....
Natal will fail simply because of the money that Microsoft has to throw at it. I think developer, in the end, are going to have to choose between controls schemes like Sony and Nintendo or Natal. Just think they could reach alot more people with games made for Sony and Nintendo instead of Natal. But I'm sure we're going to see some kind of controller you can use with Natal (Newton).
Tony-A  +   1950d ago
I think the lag may have been improved by looking at the second video, although the awkward jerkiness is still very much present.

Still quite a bit of lag, but it's clearly still early. The avatars always look so awkward when playing the ball game. It looked like the kid was drunk on screen, but the actual kid was playing like some kind of ape. It also looks like the avatar's right leg was permanently broken from kicking the ball.

Oh, and the Red Ball game haunts me again....

@Disagree - Ok, this one person has been disagreeing with me on every post I make. I have a Stage 2 Stalker here.
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The real killer  +   1950d ago
I get the feeling this is fake video, this happend before.
i wait for E3.

I don't know why i suddenly have one bubble?
What the hell is gonig on here?

Before i have 7 Bubbles and now sinds the new site i have 3 and down to 1 i just don't get it.

I know that allot of people on stealth mode clinking on Troll or off-topic constant other people they don't like. Damn, i hate this system.


How can people disagree about my feelings that mebay is fake?
Damn, can those people not read?
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SOAD  +   1950d ago
Do you often forget that you have a comment history?
yoghurt  +   1950d ago
Are people just being nieve or selective viewing when they say there is no lag?

I just started up the lady and her son, and within a few moments there is lag, when she is using her head etc the lag is so obvious? and then when the boy comes on the old dodgy leg/foot thing happens again!
JAMurida  +   1950d ago
I'll wait til E3.
Moonboots  +   1950d ago
I'm not going to judge the product one way or another until E3. I will say it looks improved from the last time I saw it but there is still some glitching in the tracking, i noticed it in the arms in this video in particular.

I was impressed by how fast it picked up her son as a player when his mom stepped out and he stepped in. There was a quick pause and then he was back in the game. I do want them to demo more 2+ player games because I want to see how Natal does with more than 1 in front of it.
Rhythmattic  +   1950d ago
All I can say
It seems definitely better than he last video I saw...

Realistically, MS need to pull out what they promised through their campaign/videos...

1.1 Tracking

And of course , Finger tracking...

I'll probably still buy it either way,...
Gamefan12  +   1950d ago
there is lag in the second video when they are playing the game , it improved but lag non the less
Hallmark Moment  +   1950d ago
What Lag? All I seen was the console or game not being able to "perfectly" match real life momentum when people don't follow through with the movement(Very impressive that it can even adjust momentum while tracking full body so fast). The kid's insecure movements confused the console.

You don't see lag you see Natal guessing based on unsure movements from humans. Jumping in with half asssed movements causes the console/Natal-software to adjust on the fly in real time. This is historically impressive technology, no amount of anti MSFT/Natal spin will change that.

Microsoft has had scientist and other inhouse parties working on the software side of this technology for years.

I see no lag only the AI in Natal's software trying to decide what to do when humans are ancy.

And Again

And Again

And Again


Natal has powerful software that does math to calculate where a pint is when it is being blocked by another point etc. If you're moving with ancy or half hearted locomotion Natal will guess what to do on top of already guessing points being blocked in normal movements when the camera can not see that point. Software tells Natal how human bodies move when the camera can not see the gamer(S)
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Gamefan12  +   1950d ago
the kid kicks and the screen is a little behind .. he moved to the left and hit and the screen was a little behind ... it was not unsure moments

again it is improved but there is lag ..

in the first video isn't really a game and all resources are there to follow the person

rereading your post above .. "This is historically impressive technology, no amount of anti MSFT/Natal spin will change that.

Microsoft has had scientist and other inhouse parties working on the software side of this technology for years. "

yea i can see why you might not "see" lag
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CryWolf  +   1950d ago
WOW!!! a Next Gen eyetoy nothing new....
Natal's a failure and looks like its still buggy what will MS think of next, O thats right a 360 slim but didn't Sony think of that first to I smell a lawsuit coming.
#16 (Edited 1950d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
AngryTypingGuy  +   1949d ago
Sony didn't invent the slim version of a console. The NES and Genesis both had slim version. There were at least three versions of the Genesis.

You think Sony never blatantly copies MS, that they're always the originators? Looks at Sony's controller. The L2 and R2 buttons are now analog triggers...despite that fact that most games on the PS3 have you using L1 and R1 to shoot because that's where your fingers naturally rest on their outdated controller!
AngryTypingGuy  +   1949d ago
You can hit disagree, but you know I'm right!
AutoCad  +   1950d ago
Pretty awesome for a tech demo...
Biggest  +   1950d ago
Using it in that context makes awesome seem a lot less awesome.
Firebird360  +   1950d ago
Am i the only one?
That really just does not care at all about all this motion control stuff...
southernbanana  +   1950d ago
Just Wow. A video showing almost no lag and still people try and bash the technology. I know we have seen the same demo over and over again, but after seing this video I am starting to believe lag will be comparable to a controller in the finished product....... Furthermore, why would they perfect a tech demo when they are showing real games in a couple of weeks....... I can't remember ever seeing a perfect tech demo. Regardless both Natal and Move should prove to be useful.
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Dance  +   1950d ago
this video demonstration proves them wrong
josephayal  +   1950d ago
anticooper  +   1950d ago
come on
show me some real gameplay from a real game, im sick of these lame videos! i really want natal to be great,and i want a great boxing game to show what it can do, i want it to blow my mind but right now its just a big meehh... and a lot of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
DeltaZ3R05  +   1950d ago
lol and this is as hardcore as it gets for natal. XD
#22 (Edited 1950d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   1950d ago
Just going to start saying "Balls to the Wall!" when I see a Natal article...

I mean for fu*k sake, wouldn't it make more sense showing someone using the UI and interacting with the XMB than that same dodge ball game?

Wait, there is something more than the ball game. Though I can't help but notice, if this is recent, then avatars still have rickets. That's there's no indication of finger tracking.
#23 (Edited 1950d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
clarkdef  +   1950d ago
This thing is so gay. Don't buy it guys, this sort of crap will be the end of real gaming as we know it.
Kahvipannu  +   1949d ago
You seriously believe Natal will destroy "real" gaming? I highly doubt that :D
ichimaru  +   1950d ago
Werner201061   1950d ago | Spam
mac4u10  +   1950d ago
hang on
Did she just say "THERE IS A LITTLE THING CALLED E3" lol
Kahvipannu  +   1949d ago
Yeah, and she sayed that there will be OTHER Full games on show, so finally we can see something new. I just hope there's some "real" games on show, but to be honest, I believe most of them will be just "party"-games..

On video:
Natal did look quite responsive, not perfect still, so I still have high hopes for it.
xxLuckyStrike  +   1949d ago
all the ps3 fanboys hurry over to any Natal related video and analyze every millisecond of it..hoping to find anything wrong so the can sleep at night....lol
Denethor_II  +   1949d ago
What if this does fail. The PS Eye Toy didn't do terribly well, so I think its defiantly a possibility, especially after seeing 'Big Red Ball Smash Party Extreme' AGAIN.

After this woman walked past the camera the man said quietly " she told you not to do that". Its clearly not working as it should. Fanboys keep saying wait till E3.
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