Gamer’s Manifesto: What Makes Good Horror?

GrE writes, "Everybody has a fright response. For some that response kicks in as soon as they see a spider. For others, it may require much more to get scared. Nevertheless, everybody gets scared, and the job of horror writers (across all industries, not just video games) is to try and elicit that response. The most recent entry into the horror genre of the video game industry is Alan Wake, the tale of a vacationing writer whose wife goes missing. In his attempt to find her, he realizes that the whole town is under the influence of some maleficent force that is out to get him..."

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CrAppleton3000d ago

I do love me a good survival horror game

bgrundman3000d ago

I am not much of a fan of the genre, but there is still something to be said for a game that will scare you.

roblef3000d ago

Sounds like an interesting game. I agree that most horror, whether on TV or in a movie or especially in games, just doesn't quite do it.

Neco5123000d ago

IDK, I think they can give you the willies just fine if you're in the proper surroundings

CrAppleton3000d ago

I think a good example of scary sh!t is in Dead Space, when you can't kill that monster, but you can tear him apart, and you're running out of ammo, and trying to get away, and doing puzzles at the same time to escape.. yeah.. heart racing!

Neco5123000d ago

Seriously! Those are the moments that you almost want to shut the system off!

bgrundman3000d ago

But you don't because you are locked into the experience.

ThanatosDMC3000d ago

Happened to me the first time i fought the boss that cannot die. I didnt know that it would just keep regenerating like that.

starven3000d ago

The first Silent Hill is still one of the best survival horror games.

jacksonsgames3000d ago

I like being scared out of my pants. I want to be scared to look around the corner. I want scary monsters. I want a scary setting. I have not seen a game like this in a long time.

wiggles3000d ago

But of course all of the devs and movie directors for whatever reason think that scary means to show images that by themselves are just repulsive...

People forget that there is a huge difference between repulsive and scary, I hope one day we see more scary...

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The story is too old to be commented.