Confirmed: Michael Jordan Cover Athlete and Playable in NBA 2k11

"Last week WiredFans reported that Michael Jordan has been approached by 2k Games to be the cover athlete for NBA 2k 11. It appears WiredFans can change that from rumor to confirmation. This continues an interesting trend developing where publishers are turning to retired hall of fame players over current sports stars."

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Clumzyagent2968d ago

It may be one of those things that will tip the scales on the purchases of this or NBA Elite. Bold move 2K.

NYC_Gamer2968d ago

the 2k gameplay alone should be the main reason

cain1412968d ago

NBA Live was so bad last year. I love Dwight Howard but if the game he is on the cover of sucks I'm still not buying it just for him...

Montrealien2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

so does this mean EA will cancel the sequel to chaos in the windy city? now I am so pissed!

seriously though, I may be old school, but Jordan was EA all the way during his whole career, so to me, this is kinda big news. He basically helped create EA sports with Jordan vs Bird, and Bulls vs Blazers. He wasn't even in NBA Jam I think because he had an exclusive deal with EA.

AutoCad2968d ago

The scale has been tipped on 2k side for the past 5-6 years bro...

marinelife92968d ago

Return of the GOAT to video games basketball franchise. Good call.

AAACE52968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Good for 2K! With people willing to buy anything with MJ's name and/or face attached to it, this game should do well!

I still think it will get a name change within the next few years if this does well. Something like Jordan NBA 2K12 or something like that. Pretty much how EA does with Madden.

The only question I have is, what uniform will he wear on the cover...Bulls/Wizards?

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cain1412968d ago

I'm interested to know if NBA Elite will be any good... In the past I prefered NBA 2k to NBA Live...

Jrlibrarian2968d ago

I don't usually pick up many NBA games, but if this one gets good reviews, I might get it pretty close to launch.

cain1412968d ago

I'm the same way normally. They just never have had that appeal to me. Despite the fact I love basketball...

Sunny_D2968d ago

MJ vs lebron = MJ
MJ vs kobe = MJ

Obviously in his prime. But, Kobe vs Lebron? Kobe

AAACE52968d ago

Bubble up suunyd, I agree!

chrisnick2968d ago

im gonna get disagrees for this but I say the league then and now is different. i say if mj was at his peak in this day and age...bron and kobe give him a run for his money.

eXo82968d ago

I truly believe this, the game has changed. It's much quicker and now there are a couple of players that can mimic MJ's moves, including Kobe who has studied MJ's game. It's not fair to say that MJ is flat out better than Kobe or LeBron in their prime years. Because MJ never did and never will play in today's new faster pace style offense and defense.

It's a much more competitive era of basketball. MJ never saw the likes of D Wade, Amare, LeBron, Dwight Howard, etc. If MJ were in his prime today, I would bet that he wouldn't finish out with barely half of his championship rings or MVPs.. not now with teams like the Suns, Lakers, Celtics, Magic, all gunning for it year in and year out. I mean, this is just this year conference finals contenders. This isn't even including Nuggets, Spurs, Jazz, Thunder (KD as a superstar ALREADY?), Mavs and Cavs playing their A game.

chrisnick2968d ago

but most people won't see this because in the bball world saying someone is as good or better than jordan is almost blasphemous. Kobe is the best closer ever and bron, if he ends up on the same team with another top free agent, I'm scared...for everyone.

iceman062968d ago

that Bron and Kobe are the best that our league has to offer now. They are both extremely talented and physically gifted. Kobe is a much smarter player than Bron, just by virtue of years played I'm sure. But, Bron is just a physical beast! Now, those that think that this league is faster and more competitive can actually thank MJ. He changed the game literally. Because the NBA wanted to see wide open offensive games, they put in the no hand checking rule. But, I will say that MJ had much better competition day in and day out. You can see the list of his opponents stretched out in the Hall of Fame. Sure, there are a couple of possible future Hall of Famers playing now. But, the 80's and 90's was just epic for basketball.

MikeTyson2968d ago

I'll buy 2K no matter who is on the cover. NO MATTER WHO.

jacksonsgames2968d ago

They produce such great games! :D

jacksonsgames2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It should be a great game

eXo82968d ago

2K over EA anyday.

I still want my NFL 2K11, NCAA Football 2K11. F EA for this football monopoly. We get screwed year in and year out with only ONE licensed game?? Give me a break, there should be laws made regarding this.

jacksonsgames2968d ago

Ha, I guess 2K was basically forced to do this. Kobe was on the cover last year, and we know who ever makes it to the championship gets the cover. Since Kobe is in the finals again they have to choice.

MikeTyson2968d ago

it was rumored that Rondo was going to be on it. Since KG was on 2001 Live, and 2K9. this well sure sell some copies.

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