Games that Got Stuck in Development Hell, but Amazingly Didn’t Suck

Unlike the beloved Duke, not all games wither and die when they get stuck in development limbo. While the majority of titles that undergo drastic changes or lengthy delays end up performing oral acts on donkey’s groins, some survive the pre-release purgatory smelling of roses. Well, more ‘gameplay that’s not shit’ than roses, really. So without furthing rambling, here’s a bunch of games that survived development hell and lived to be damn decent titles.

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Demons Souls3036d ago ShowReplies(7)
e-p-ayeaH3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Cause the thing was never been released!

if it was released it would kick so much a**

emk20043036d ago

the only game on that list i liked was re4.

spektical3036d ago

wasnt Kz2 in development for 4-5 years?

Chubear3036d ago

KZ2 trailer came out in mid 2005. Game was supposed to launch in Nov 2008 but got pushed back so as to create space for Resistance2.

June 2005 - Feb 2009 (but was ready to go Nov2008) = approx 3 1/2yrs.. not 4-5yrs

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