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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "Ever since I was introduced to the Resident Evil franchise at the age of 10, I've always had a soft spot for the survival horror genre of games. I might be a little masochistic, but feeling uneasy while enjoying entertainment has appealed to me for as long as I can remember. Scary movies, games, books: I love them all. As my tastes in such material matured, I began appreciating the more psychological side of things. It wasn't enough to have things jump out at me. I wanted the characters and stories to get inside my head and stay with me. I had to be afraid even after it was over. Alan Wake caught my attention for these reasons and has been in development for what seems like an eternity. It's finally complete and it was worth the wait."

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Arsenic133033d ago

The game is fantastic, but scary? Not really.