The rising tide of DLC

GameZone's Dave Snell writes,

"DLC is here to stay, but are we being ripped off for content we should have received in the first place?"

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barefootgamer2998d ago

Interesting read.

I'm not a huge fan of DLC. I prefer larger expansion packs to tiny morsels of content. But I think DLC is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

athmaus2998d ago

i agree with this.....just trying to nickel and dime ya to death lol

dangert122998d ago

im with you.the only dlc i actually own is
spolsion man
battlefield 1943
perfect dark
geomatry wars 2
and gears of war 2
all fronts map pack which was on offer and i don't regret buying one

DiLeCtioN2998d ago

dlc is a scam in my opinion, it feels like the devs cut a part of the game and decided to charge more for a game you have already paid for.

Fine examples like COD:MW,MW2.

Its a nice idea but i think it should take a while for a game to receive DLC, that way devs can release something big and not just maps.

AlexC2998d ago

DLC definitely isn't going anywhere; whether that's good or bad is just a matter of opinion...

spektical2998d ago

dlc is staying, but for the most part its a rip off. Especially day one DLC.. i mean cmon you couldve put the content on the disk... Also most DLC is overpriced, ala MW2 map packs, Costome packs (for the most part)..

kimvidard2998d ago

DLC really bothers me.
What used to be free user made mods, or added with a patch by the devs is now sold as DLC, sometimes without even being developed after the game( On disc DLC says hello). And before, what we called an Expansion was really a big deal (think Diablo 2 lord of destruction). Now, DLC as completely crippled that concept, and I think we as gamers end up poorer because of it.

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