PSM3 June PS3 Announcements Revealed

Remember those top secret “world exclusive” PS3 games PSM3 was teasing it’s readers about in their May magazine? The teaser image used by PSM3,which indicated a white feather with a drop of blood nearby, had many gamers guessing. As it turns out the big reveals may be nothing to get excited about.

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Kain813002d ago exclusiv my a$$

Hellsvacancy3001d ago

Well, that really is a whole load of MEH

I want AC3 but id rather summin NEW

Strange_Evil3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Lol why were people hyped about this in the first place... Stupid internet media interpreted the meaning of 'world exclusive' wrongly. It meant exclusive details about the game not an exclusive game facepalm..

Raf1k13001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

It's not the first time a magazine's use of the words 'world' and 'exclusive' have been interpreted wrongly and TBH most of the people on N4G should know better than to get hyped up about it by now.

edit: (SPOILER) anyone else feel sorry for Ezio at the end of the game? He worked so hard and for so long to end up finding out nothing.

RedDevils3001d ago

that how you sell mag, btw I never buy a gaming what a waste of money, I rather buy a playboy magazine lol

Crazyglues3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

a whole year subscription to PlayStation Magazine from Amazon for $5 bucks -

I guess that's a sign that Magazines are dying... -or it could just be a special for this week, like it says in the sale thing...

(but to me that's a sign of the times, people not buying magazines like they use to)

-but at $5 bucks for a year I had to grab that.


sikbeta3001d ago


Let me Know when you got something REAL!!!!

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LordMarius3001d ago

lame, they always pull this bs

TheHater3001d ago

I think everyone should just ignore them because there is nothing exclusive about their announcements. We know about LBP for 3 weeks now and AC for months now.

GeoramA3001d ago

Will probably be shown at Sony's conference, like ACII last year.

Eamon3001d ago

Can't wait! I loved AC1 and AC2.

Hideo_Kojima3001d ago

same here i freaked out at the end of AC2 I was about to start beliving in Mirneva.

cobraagent3001d ago

a world exclusive STORY!!! Just like F3AR

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The story is too old to be commented.