GameZone: N.O.V.A. HD iPad Review

GameZone's James Pikover writes,

"NOVA HD is a step forward for iPad gaming. It proves that even a hardcore, FPS can be done on the portable console and play better than any previous FPS found on the PSP or DS. It’s a graphical achievement, and it’s a launch title no less. Sure, the plot is paper thin and the campaign is short at 5-6 hours, but for the price and the console, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better."

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Nakerman2966d ago

Guna have to get me an iPad, thanks guys!

H1ppyDave2966d ago

Now this already makes it look worth the upgrade to an iPad. I´ll be watching this with interest......

athmaus2966d ago

still dont have an ipad =(

AlexC2966d ago

Hardly a system seller :P

kimvidard2966d ago

lol, agreed, the iPad is still madly overpriced :)

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