Respawn has shown EA 'nothing'

Those hoping for some Respawn-related E3 goodness, look away now: EA Partners has told CVG that it's seen "nothing" by way of game designs from the nascent studio just yet.

But that's not to say that the publisher has any concerns. As although EA has "no idea what they're going to come up with", the firm told CVG it has an "inherent trust" in its new colleagues.

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StanLee2943d ago

But yet EA gave them a 10 year publishing deal? Talk about a gamble. I hope Respawn can recreate the success of Infinity Ward.

Imperator2943d ago

Well, just looking at these guy's history is enough. I'm sure EA won't be disappointed. Hopefully we won't either.

Pennywise2943d ago

I'm sure they will have the next cookie cutter FPS ready in no time for the lemmings to gobble it up.

Roper3162943d ago

unfortunately you probably hit the nail right on the head. Another generic military FPS on the way. I at least hope they take the time to make a longer game with less bugs the MW2.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2943d ago

They'll make whatever is selling at the time.

iamgoatman2943d ago

The difference this time being they won't have an already popular franchise to work with. They'll have to come up with something new if they wish to succeed, and heres hoping they put some effort in this time.

After all, your average gamer probably won't know these guys where the previous COD developers, so they can't just ride that again.

Crazyglues2943d ago

They have been making a good game for years... COD 1 & 2 and COD4 were epic, if I had a chance to bet that those guys would be able to make another hit.. compared to putting that money on some new developer - I would hands down put money on these guys...

Sure they could make a dud, but it's more then likely that they will end up making something amazing.. The guys have clearly showed that they know what is needed to make a good game.

And these days that's something a lot of these companies have no idea on.. (knowing what is needed to make a good game, a game consumers will love and buy in huge numbers)

If anyone knows what they are doing, my money is on Infinity Ward -AKA- Re-spawn...


DeadlyFire2943d ago

How would they have anything to show EA. They just opened their doors in May. Unless they can pull something out of thin air. There is nothing to show until E3 2011. Even so EA is lucky to get the deal with them.

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Lord Gunchrote2943d ago

They better trust em lol. I doubt they can recreate the magic at EA. We'll see I guess.

whitesoxfalife2943d ago

this was a pointless article i don't think everybody just expect them to pull a game out their asses the next day, and if you did you is a lame fa thinkn it......

BeaArthur2943d ago

I was thinking the same thing. They just founded that studio like 2 months ago. They probably don't even have all their staff members yet.

Qui-Gon Jim2943d ago

They're probably still organizing. Even if they have started on something, it's still in early concept stages. It's not news that they don't have anything ready to pitch to the publisher.

Sevir042943d ago

Respawn just started up, like 2 months ago and they barely got there resources up. I mean the guys are still decorating their office with furniture. Give these guys a break, they need time to work, while also dealing with kotic and litigations.

NYC_Gamer2943d ago

the studio isnt even finished yet....

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The story is too old to be commented.