One Year Later, Did These Wii and DS Promises Come True?

Nintendo cannot escape our promise-checking. Last year the world's top video game game company promised some cool stuff for the next year or so in gaming. What came true? Was any of their hype was wrong?

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jcgamer3033d ago

"Final Judgment: A job well done by Nintendo, in terms of accurate promises. None of the release date promises was broken and the hype on the Vitality Sensor was kept conservative. I can only dock Nintendo for a little bit of sleight of hand, setting up the MotionPlus as a next big thing in motion control while slightly fudging the device's accuracy — and more importantly — the extent to which it was going to be supported by Nintendo and its friends. Nintendo, your powers of prognostication earn you an A-minus. Sony, you're next."

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turok3033d ago

They keep to their promises. I havent been disappointed yet from them.