Tiger Woods 08 Hands-On

Tiger Woods is the most dominant man in sports today. Doubt that fact? Here's one, undeniable fact that will set you straight, the man has been ranked number one in his sport for the last decade, minus two extremely short interludes by Ernie Els and David Duval. That's ten years people. Have you ever done anything in your life for ten years straight? IGN didn't think so. Tiger Woods' golf game however, has hit a few bumps in the road throughout its tenure, but last year's title was able to right the ship. Now the game's taking a slightly different look at videogame golf, the only question is, will it pay off for the world's highest paid athlete?

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daveman34169d ago

i think i'm one of few gamers that actually like golf, so i'm really looking forward to this game

vickers5004169d ago

I hate golf. But I actually liked pga tour 06 when it came with my 360 that I bought on ebay so I might like this one.