VIP System Reborn? Madden 11 Adds Opponent Scouting For Online Contests

"Back in 2005, 2K Sports unleashed a new feature called the VIP System in NFL 2K5, and those into the world of online player versus player game play quickly found themselves in love. You see, the feature allowed you to scout the tenancies of your real life online opponent.

If he or she favored running up the gut, you could see that trend, and tailor your defense accordingly. If a player was notorious for brining the house on a blitz every down, you could use that knowledge and employ a dink and dunk passing game to counter it. Many football loving gamers (like myself) have dearly missed that feature over the years, though it seems that EA Sports may be bringing it back (with a twist) via a similar component added to the Madden NFL 2011 release this year."

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