Alan Wake Gets Lost in the Woods

Travis of TGF writes:

"There comes point in game developer’s lives where excitement can sometime make you forget about the long road. At least, that is the case for the Finland-based company, Remedy Entertainment. Recently, they finally put out their first next-generation title since Max Payne, Alan Wake. Over the past six years, this game has hit many speed bumps. In fact, back in 2007, there was a possibility that the game was cancelled. Fortunately, this was not the case; however on the flip side, the Pc version was, indeed, never meant for release. Before I go on, I just want to state that this just completely my thoughts on why it did not sell. I own the game, and play it daily."

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peeps2916d ago

"I own the game, and play it daily."

is he just saying that to try and avoid fanboy hate?

i mean i played it and loved it but it's not the sort of game i would 'play daily' unless he's going for all the manuscripts 1 at a time?

Hercules2916d ago

Yes, I play it daily...the game really has that thriller-like feeling, it's just a shame that it didnt do so well. Godmars290 said it best. The game was hyped too early. Especially with the fact that it was quiet for a very long time.

Never said the game wasn't amazing, just sad at the fact that a Microsoft-published title barely got any advertising. As far as the title, why do we still hear about Red Dead and not Alan Wake? It's called a metaphor for a reason. Therefore, it kinda is a fact...

TheFaggot_2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

True but Rockstar always hype their games to death, plus critics help them in giving them 10.
I just love this game and I'm pretty sad it didn't get the reception it was supposed to get.
Sorry man for the aggressiveness I didn't think you'll come here and check the comments lol

TheFaggot_2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

This game is amazing! I don't get people who say it's not!
Screw all those critics, I've played FF 13 and Alan Wake and I loved them.
Plus I hate how this guy's opinion is like a fact, "Alan Wake Gets Lost in the Woods"

Inside_out2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Well, I enjoyed the game. I was expecting a lot and it delivered for me. Unfortunately, it's not a game that the MW2 nation are interested in. It has many shooter elements but it was advertised as a story driven games and kids today don't want to

Besides the whole Rockstar moving their game up from April to the exact same day that AW was released which can't be ignored reason,One needs to only look at Prince of Persia going against shrek in the theaters to see some of that....I think 2 other reasons for the low sales exist...

One: No co-op or multi-player...big mistake in this day and age...people want some re-playability in there games. Parts of AW you spend with Barry and the sheriff...How hard would it of been to create a " horde mode " type of defend co-op game play. It would of changed EVERYTHING in my opinion. The Anderson farm which is a highlight moment for all AW fans would of be AWESOME with splitscreen or on line co-op...

Two: Piracy...Piracy is at an all time high on 360 and Wii...After M$ deactivated an estimated 900,000 accounts with the release of MW2, people have found a way around that now and it's worse than before...It will only get worse as the price for games and gaming get worse. AW was available at least 2 weeks before any retail version hit the shelves. I expect M$ will try with Halo and Black ops to catch people again...PS2 had 100++ million consoles out there...there sales never reflected it. Sony is desperate to keep pirates from the PS3, so far it's worked...but the PS3 is much cheaper and see...they are next...where there's a will, there's always a way....

Regardless of the excuses, the game is struggling to sell...People blaming M$ do have a legitimate complaint. M$ shut the hype machine down around the Euro launch date...this game cost them a FORTUNE ( i've heard 30 million )...maybe, it was the last straw for Bach/J'allard careers at M$, who knows...

The game is amazing like RE5 and L4D have decent sales so I thought the same demographic would support this game...Maybe there will be more info at E3...

TheFaggot_2915d ago

You are brilliant my friend

Obama2916d ago

With a 81 average this game failed to be AAA. Not that it is a bad game but it is hyped to be the best game this year.

AKS2916d ago

No offense intended, but using a term like "failure" when describing an above average game is kind of silly. If I looked at my top games by mid-2010, Alan Wake is certainly in there, but just not quite in that top tier.

Tier 1 (by order of release):

Mass Effect 2
God of War III
Red Dead Redemption
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Tier 2 (by order of release):

Heavy Rain
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
3D Dot Game Heroes
Alan Wake

I'd rate Alan Wake around 8.5/10 and definitely consider it to be a good game. It had some missteps, and I was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't more original and daring with the gameplay, but I would certainly recommend it. I really enjoyed the Twin Peaks/ David Lynch references and Twin Peaks-esqe setting, even if the story itself was more Stephen King than Lynch.

MAGNUM-RAM2916d ago

at how incredibly average alan wake was.
It didnt even surpass silent hill 2 which is 1 of my all time survival horror psychogical thrillers. Alan wake is a bore and a chore.

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