Deus EX: Human Revolution - E3 Teaser Trailer

Deus EX: Human Revolution - E3 Teaser Trailer ...

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omimasum2970d ago

the amount of freedom and how your actions and choice affect the whole story.if the 3rd one will go back to the 1st game. we could have serious GOTY contender

akiraburn2969d ago

@Omimasum, I couldn't agree more. I still enjoy going back to the original Deus Ex to this day, and seeing what new things I can figure out. And I am still finding new things! That says something, because I've probably played through the game well over a dozen times.

You know, after such a long wait for DX3's announcement and arrival, it's impossible for me not to be completely stoked. I've addressed my issues of concern before (the health system topic which has been beaten to death already by countless users on the DX3 forums), and while I do think they are valid and important, right now all I really care about is being re-engulfed in that epic and almost chillingly futuristic atmosphere. And after seeing those new images the other day, and hearing the Deus Ex music in these trailers, I'm getting that same level of excitement I had for the first game.

DX1 is probably my favorite game of all time, and that being said, I am very hopeful for DX3. Most of all, I hope that Eidos/SE see the real potential in the series and decide to continue with it, keeping Deus Ex 1 as their focus point on what the game should play like. I am hoping that each platform it's being released on gets the time and attention it needs to be optimized. I would love to see that they leave it open to modding, so even if they have decided to go away from the traditional numeric health system, other players can make mods for it to add that in. And I hope that gamers all over each platform decide to experience what a magnificent and mind-blowing game like Deus Ex really is.

ian722969d ago

I agree with you both. Deus Ex is my favourite game, the best I have ever played.

Saryk2969d ago

Agreed! I might have to save my vacation time for this. Take off a week and lock myself in a room with nothing but a toilet and food/water, within arms reach.