Project Natal retail unit revealed at D8?

Hey -- you know Microsoft's Project Natal? Well we've just gotten an up close look at what appears to be the retail version (though it's clearly marked a developer unit). We couldn't storm the stage while Walt and Kara (and her son!) were showing it off, but no one seemed to mind that we took a load of these shots for your perusal. Check out gallery below for more pics!

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niceguywii602995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

And so it begins. I have the same pic taken from G4TV in my Bio. A white Natal next to a Samsung LCD.

blaze they will come in both colors


I promise you guys Microsoft will announce a Motion wand and a directional controller so they can take market share from the Wii while growing market share with fullbody motion no other company offers.

Shaman2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

It looks quite nice if this is retail version.

So ill buy black one for my Elite :)

Hideo_Kojima2994d ago

It looks a lot like a wiimote.

Just kidding. But I did like the other prototype better.
Still it doesn't matter what it looks like but how well it works.

Hallmark Moment2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Games with full body tracking with a motion stick in the same game=epic win and historic success.

Wrathman2995d ago

thats a cool lookin piece of kit.

and it doesnt look like a cheap piece of kit.i think them rumours of $150 price tag might be true.

blodulv2995d ago

I've never heard of a "piece of kit" before ;)

Denethor_II2994d ago

"I promise you guys Microsoft will announce a Motion wand and a directional controller"

The point of Natal is you are the motion controller, that's its appeal. I can't see them releasing a wand, and rendering Natal simply a camara.

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Blaze9292995d ago

aaaaand for people with Elite 360s?

Fishy Fingers2995d ago

Pretty big. Black would be a better option I think. Less garish.

Double Toasted2995d ago

Question marks, oh how I loathe thee....

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The story is too old to be commented.