Top 5 Pokemon That Need to Evolve

Riley Little of Game Rant writes: "It’s science, there are tons of Pokemon currently in existence that only have one form and can’t evolve. These Pokemon have the potential to be something completely and utterly bad-ass, (like our pick for the best Pokemon of all – Magikarp), but can never follow through on that potential – because they simply haven’t been offered the opportunity to take it to the next level – to evolve."

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xHarvey2968d ago

I want to see Mightyena evolve.

Kingdom Come2968d ago

Hitmonlee. That guy is Amazing!

Farfetch'd is so awesome!
Good list, quite difficult to choose, its not like the good times when there was under 200, still a great series nontheless.

Umbrella Corp2968d ago

Absol would be mad beat if it evolved

SpaceFox2968d ago

Oh my, hell yes. It's one of my favs and I imagine it would be so sexy.

xHarvey2968d ago

Yes Absol needs to evolve. I want to use him in OU. If they can top his already awesome design then yes.

SpaceFox2968d ago

I can think of WAY more than 5. Seriously, 5 isn't enough. Should've made a top 10 or more.

silkrevolver2968d ago

Like Arcanine, Houndoom, Donphan and Dewgong. Also, as far as finally getting a single evolution... Skarmory wins.

xHarvey2968d ago

Forgot about those. Good list.

NewNameNow2968d ago

I was thinking Skarmory too the second I saw this article!

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The story is too old to be commented.