Suing Google

From the "if you don't have common sense, get a lawyer instead" file comes the case of a lawsuit recently filed against Google. Lauren Rosenberg was using Google Maps' walking directions feature in Park City, Utah. The directions she received from Google Maps told her to walk around a half of a mile next to a busy highway. The highway did not have any sidewalks or walkways for pedestrians, so Ms. Rosenberg walked alongside the road. Then, she got hit by a car. AveryZoe at GoozerNation reports.

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rroded3030d ago

seriously why didnt she get sun over our gene pool would b stronger for it.

mrv3213030d ago

It's more of a gene puddle for her.

Natural Selection would be google's defence. Hmm if my SATNAV told me to drive across a river I wouldn't. I'd drive around or ask for directions.

Seriously what did people do 50 years ago without internet did they use common sense or are people today really this stupid?

Seriously I make many a post on this site but I can safely say I'd trust 90% of the people here not to do this, that figure drops to about 50% with the commentators on youtube.

ReBurn3030d ago

Common sense is truly dead.

Raypture3030d ago

No, not dead, it's just bad now.

You see common sense is the sense that is deemed by most to be common, hence most people at any given time will have common sense, however common sense changes with time because of this and hence why the commence sense we have at the moment is horrendously bad while the common sense from a few decades ago is of much higher quality.

use old common sense, not new common sense.