Top 5 Games That End On A Downer

Ever finished a game and felt criminally depressed? Here’s the top 5 that’ll make you feel like moping for at least an hour…

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Alcon Caper3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

this is like the third bad endings article today...what gives... where's my monthly scariest games of all time article?

Ace Killa 083034d ago

i was about to post the same thing is it top [insert] endings of all times day? can we get somethin less depressing maybe?

Redrum0593034d ago

MGS3 was one of the best endings in a video game. Bigboss, the baddest wolf of the bunch( yes baddest) was the most cherished warrior. A perfect example of a fallen angel. This was the only game that got me wandering about the true day to day life of the worlds most evil men as they grew up and their childhood. Che Guevara is a perfect example. A man with the good intention of saving his country and in the end, he only became a powerful monster who killed many ppl.

Sarcasm3034d ago

MGS3 was one of the best in the series.

Cevapi883034d ago

damn it Agro!! why did you have to go and die?!

JoySticksFTW3034d ago

MGS4 had a really sad ending... from the ending of chapter four on, it's all sacrifice for our heroes. You know it's the end of that series as some of gamings best characters (heroes and villains) say their final good byes and fall right before your eyes

And then when a certain person says "This is good... isn't it?" and that sad music kicks in with that girl singing "Here's to you" man...

I was all choked up. Poor Snake.

Glad to see MGS3 and FF:CC on that list as well. Especially Crisis Core.

I fought my a$$ off at the end for Zack, and felt so angry and helpless. If you played FFVII, you knew it was coming. But it was still rough to see Zack grow weaker and you can't do a thing about it.

Come to think of it, I don't know why Zack is always portrayed as so enthusiast and happy. His life sucked. That whole game was sad. Well, at least he got to meet Aeris and fulfill his dream of becoming a Soldier :(

Ravage273034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

yea Zack's life sucked but that is no reason to go all emo like Cloud in AC :/ Though i can't help but feel sorry for him, he is a pretty likable character and deserves much better.

As for MGS4, the part which got me is when Otacon said 'Snake...had a hard life'. That combined with the sad background music, is one of the most powerful cut scene i've ever seen.

lh_swe3034d ago

Memories flooding back, I seriously think its one of the most powerful endings I have seen.

dizzleK3034d ago

that's because playstation games actually have plots. kinda hard to end on a downer when it's 4 hours of PEW PEW PEW with plots that make a coloring book look like shakespeare.

Acquiescence3034d ago

and its wave of giant demonic babies devouring the entire world. Never played the game but saw that ending on youtube; it's disturbing to say the least. Klonoa deserves a mention as well. It's a kiddy platformer yet has a massively traumatic ending. Bambi's mother all over again.

beavis4play3034d ago

you saw it coming but it still was a downer.

stevenhiggster3034d ago

I pretty much agree with that list for a change. Never played MGS3 though, not a fan. But Crisis Core was definitley sad, I think I might actually have shed a tear at that ending.

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