DC Universe Online Dev Talks Cross Platform Play Between PS3 & PC

Creative Director Jens Anderson sheds some light on the possibility of cross platform play between PS3 & PC in the Upcoming Sony Online MMO, DCUO. "Technically its totally possible".

Jens actually admits that their devs are currently playing the MMO between PS3 and PC on the same servers, without any mouse, keyboard, or controller advantages.

Video Below for more info.

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LtSkittles3036d ago

Can't wait for November! Would be awesome if they do let you play your account on the PS3, and then let you switch to a PC if you needed to be mobile, or something like that.

captain-obvious3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

add mouse and keyboard support to the PS3 and you got your self a deal

why the hell did i get 2 dissagrees ??

KillerPwned3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Those 8 people might not be able to get the feel to fully play a ps3 game using a mouse and keyboard. Some people are just meant for a controller on a console only.

Every time i play UT3 on my ps3 i always use a mouse and keyboard. Which i highly recommend to buy at $8 you cant go wrong with a game that supports Mouse & Keyboard along with mods.

I been keeping tabs on this game for awhile i cant wait for it the fact we don`t gotta pay to play is awesome.

MiamiACR3036d ago

PC and PS3 gamers coming together in one hopefully awesome game, never thought I'd see the day to be honest, glad it's here.

LtSkittles3036d ago

Captain Obvious, you should make Captain Obvious when the game comes out.

Anyways, I think in this video they talk about using a DS3, or it's a different video on the PC, so someone should ask if the PS3 version has KB/M support.

Persistantthug3036d ago

too many games this gen are not providing the option when it clearly can and should exist.

Why does C&C Red Alert 3 not have K/M option for example?

Developers are totally wasting opportunities this gen.

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Brewski0073036d ago

Hell yeah !! Definate buy!. Been psyched for this game for AGES!!! Cant wait to hear more about it at E3!

crematory3036d ago

imagine one day xbox360 vs ps3 :)

mcgrawgamer3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

seriously; what anti-social, self absorbed, suicidal prone fanboy disagreed with the above statement....

he didn't say imagine THIS game 360 vs ps3; but one day as in the ONE day cross platform play could happen between the two brands. How is that a bad thing?

RatFuker3036d ago ShowReplies(1)
ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3036d ago

OMFG with these games being out , E3 around the corner and general news I have totally forgot about DC online. Day 1 fan of jim lee.

sikbeta3036d ago

Awesome, I want to Play this freaking Game So Much....

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