Mass Effect 3 will be more 'Return of the Jedi' and less 'Empire'

Trilogies have a certain arc to them that almost requires the second story to be dark and foreboding before the heroes eventually triumph happily in the third story. The Star Wars films Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are classic examples of this. Mass Effect is not necessarily known for its levity but BioWare, the makers of the game, promise a 'fun and lighter' experience for Mass Effect 3.

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SilverSlug2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

is the best Starwars movie. How is this better? Return of the Jedi is good too, but to me its like saying "We aren't the best, we are like 2nd best".

Kingdom Come2970d ago

Its meaning the Conclusion, the end.

SilverSlug2970d ago

I hope its better than Return of the Jedi. Never enjoyed the ending with the muppets.

The BS Police2970d ago

Return of The Jedi has always been my favourite Star Wars film.

ThanatosDMC2970d ago

Apparently, some people disagree that it's your favorite Star Wars film. Actually, i pressed disagree by accident instead of agree... hahaha!

SOAD2970d ago

Return of the Jedi was no where near as good as Empire Strikes Back. The end of Empire Strikes Back set a dark tone which made it the best Star Wars film. Han Solo got frozen in Carbonite. Luke found out his father was Vader. He got his hand cut off. It was a very powerful revelation. ROTJ didn't have the same feel. Lando Calrissian and Imperial Walkers > Ewoks.

The BS Police2970d ago

That is a good point, but Return of the Jedi had Palpatine shooting elictricity out of his hands, let's also not forget this.

NeoBasch2970d ago

I never enjoyed Return of the Jedi. Thought the film was massively overrated. The Empire Strikes Back was the cream of the crop, but why are they comparing Mass Effect to Star Wars? ME is better.

Megaton2970d ago

I'm just hoping for an epic battle or two with all races against the Reapers, including the Rachni, since I saved their queen in ME1. The message I got in ME2 from the Rachni queen via Illium asari gave me hope for that in ME3.

cayal2970d ago

How exactly is Mass Effect 2 like Empire Strikes Back? I couldn't see any noticeable similarities that people were mentioning.

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Kingdom Come2970d ago

Lets hope for a truly epic ending to the series.

BeaArthur2970d ago

As long as it's not episode 1, 2 or 3.

NeoBasch2970d ago

Sorry, but Episode 3 was better than both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. The Empire Stikes Back is still the best, but Episode 3 was pretty close. ;)

N4BmpS2970d ago

I still want to play this series (in Full)

dizzleK2970d ago

*shivers* bad analogy, should have said more like return of the king. i know what they were going for but return of the jedi doesn't stir up too many good memories.

besides, lotr is the ONLY trilogy.

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