Games SEGA could announce at E3 2010

SEGAbits: "So we have been hearing a ton of rumors around the web for the past few weeks about games that SEGA might or might not have at E3, we will now give you a list of those games and the percentage chance that they will show up at this year’s E3."

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NOOBKILLA2995d ago

I would like to see Sega test the market to see if Shenmue 3 would sell by releasing both Shenmue 1 & 2 remastered in HD just like the GOW collection.

2995d ago
ghostgaming2994d ago

Agreed - Shenmue was great

scofios2995d ago

I hope a new zombie revenge , house of the dead , wonderboy , shinobie , shadow dancer .

DemiseofPandas2995d ago

I would just like them to announce Yakuza 4 for the west, also with no content cut this time.

Spydr072995d ago

I'm still waiting for various great Sega games like:

Hedgehog: Sonic Evolved
Metal Gear Sonic: Guns of the Furball
The Legend of Sonic: Emerald of Time
Sonic & Tails Future: Rings of Destruction
Grand Theft Monkey Ball
Shenmue Won't Cry

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