Nvidia vs ATI: Which Should You Buy?

ATI has really stepped up their game in the last few years. With the release of it's 4-series, the Radeon HD cards really began to be a force to reckon with for Nvidia. Not only did they run cooler and consume less power than Nvidia's GeForce 200-series, but they also offered more performance for your money. As we are already seeing, this trend has continued into the current generation. The decision for DirectX11 PC gamers is between the Radeon HD 5-series and GeForce 400-series.

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Raoh3033d ago

i've been told to go with ati for its processing power. and ati is a great brand but i wish i would have listened to the one friend who adviced me not to go with ati..

ati drivers are Sh!t.. while ati cards may be more powerful, nvidia cards are more stable and the drivers are more reliable..

hm1063833033d ago

I don't know, I actually like the catalyst interface and haven't had any problems with my ATI cards.
But then again, I've never had a problem with Nvidia. Both seem pretty reliable to me.

Raf1k13033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I've had no issues with my 4850 other than the problem with BFBC2 which got sorted out and everything is fine. Also, ATI cards do tend to give you more value for your money.

Isn't there also a large power consumption difference between ATI and nVidia cards?

striped943033d ago

Yeah, ATI tends to consume much less power. With the exception of the 5970, which doesn't exactly have an equivalent, pretty much all ATI cards consume less power than the Nvidia counterpart.

ColdFire3033d ago

I used to be a nvida fanboy, their drivers do seem better, with more performance improvements. Their 3D and PhysX are better. But atm, ATi is owning them on hardware with the 5000 series.

terrorofdeath3033d ago

No problems with me and i'm with ATI...i do need to upgrade though...continuing with ATI. i agree with 1.1, catalyst looks cool.

raztad3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Any advice about a cheap graphic card that allows you to run Stalker:Call of Pripyat at 1080p, 4xMSAA (at least), v-locked and 60fps?



I see I want too much. Let me rephrase it

Any advice about a CHEAP graphic card that allows you to run Stalker:Call of Pripyat at 1080p, 4xMSAA (at least) at a playable framerate?

striped943033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Getting a locked 60fps on this game would be very difficult, I've seen some reviews in which the 5970 ($600) was only getting around 60fps on full settings for this game. If you'd be willing to go down to 35-45 fps, a 5850 or 5870 may do the job.

edit: Radeon HD 5770 would probably perform well.($150) Just search for reviews and they probably have it benchmarked with this game.

LinuxGuru3033d ago

This is one of the few games in the world that has an option for real-time ambient occlusion. It usually brings most machines to their knees.

Although I would suspect most modern cards can handle it decently. My old HD3850 ran it with AO at about 15 fps.

I would go with a 5870.

Raoh3033d ago

i'm using the 4890 with the hdmi out and my audio sometimes does not load properly.. i have to sometimes restart my computer because my audio device driver is not recognized...

after searching through ati forums its a catalyst ati driver issue.. its better now but i had to reinstall win7 while being offline to avoid microsoft installing their drivers, then installing the ati drivers only after running driver sweeper.. it was a mess...

its a great card visually but the audio drivers i think are made by another party, realtek or something

ProjectVulcan3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Ati are in the ascendancy currently. Its always swings and roundabouts. Go back to when the Ati 9800 series pummeled the abysmal Geforce FX. Nvidia hit back with the mighty Geforce 6 series, leaping ahead with shader model 3, and carrying the lead into the early Geforce 7/X1800 bouts. Ati sprang back in a half generation with the X1900, edging out the 7900GTX.

Nvidia stunned the world, rocked ati with the 8800GTX. A massive leap over the X1900, ati scrabbled to catch up. The HD2900 was far too late, too hot, too slow, too expensive (sound familiar right now GTX4?). Since the 8800GT, possibly an all time nvidia high point, ati have reeled nvidia back in bit by bit. First making small gains with the HD3 series and arguably nosing ahead with the HD4 series for price and performance- Those are the most popular gaming cards on the Steam service today.

As it stands, Ati have won back the overall performance crown and kept it for more than six months with the 5970. The 5870 is within 15 percent of Nvidia's fastest, and costs 50 percent less. Ati have the current edge i think its pretty undeniable- In the world of graphics though, a year can change the whole scene and turn it on its head. To be continued.....

nycredude3033d ago

I have a laptop with ati radeon mobility 5870 and so far no problems. It runs Crysis at 1080p and everything on High no problems.

evrfighter3033d ago

buy whatever offers the best bang for the buck. You'll find your money goes a long way when you have no loyalties in the pc world.

pippoppow3033d ago

Had graphics problem with certain games using an ATI card I bought a few years ago and my brother's 2 yr old laptop with an ATI chip in it had a problem running in 32bit for some reason (16bit ok). While the ATI cards are nice and I'm sure the drivers today are good, I'd bet they still are not as stable as NVIDIA's. I do not trust the stability of ATI cards and unless their drivers become heralded as amazing drivers my next card will most likely be an NVIDIA card.

fossilfern3033d ago

Are people still living in the past ? Ati drivers may have been unstable YEARS ago but now they are more than stable, they are fantastic and the fact ATi release them every month is a bonus. Nvidia release their drivers every so often, theres no patern to the updates at all

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baraka0073033d ago

ati is cheaper but nvidia has better drivers IMO. I'm using a msi cyclone 4890 OC and it does pretty well but I still liked using my 9800GT better just because I hate using the Catalyst control center. If you are planning on playing a lot of games and tweaking each one I'd go Nvidia but if you just play games and don't mess around with stuff like forcing AA in games that don't support it (everquest 2 UT engine games ect) then you can save some cash and go ATI.

AuToFiRE3033d ago

I find the ATI drivers much better than they once were, nvidia drivers have gone downhill, i recently tried to build a computer for a friend and he wanted an nvidia card, put it in, but it took about 3.5 hours to get the drivers to work properly without causing BSoDs, the ATI drivers worked wonderfully when i popped in a 5870 from another friends computer, on top of that the controls for fine tuning the ATI are so much simpler

striped943033d ago

I like the ATI's value over Nvidia's. Other than that they're pretty even.

XxRoosterxX3033d ago

about price versus performance then go with ATI.

If want the very best money can buy then buy Nvidia.

I'm personally more an ATI kinda guy.

baraka0073033d ago

you said what I did but they gave me a disagree and you an agree... man I hate this site lol

Raypture3033d ago

The truth, same thing can be said that price:performance is AMD and the best you can get is Intel.

rexus123453032d ago

I think you got that backward.
Best performance per money spent will have to go to the GTX 470, if you don't mind your graphics card running a little hot that is. AMD's HD 5970 currently holds the crown of highest performance single-slot video card.

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