Why XSEED Will Localize Falcom Games Better Than Anyone Else To Date

RPGFan writes:

It was recently announced that XSEED Games, a North American publisher founded by former Square executive Jun Iwasaki, will be localizing many recent titles from Nihon Falcom. Falcom is, of course, the company best known for their action RPG series Ys.

In the past, English-speaking fans have been "treated" to a variety of Falcom games from a variety of companies. In the last five years, Falcom games have been localized and published in North America by Atlus, Konami, Hudson, Namco Bandai, and Mastiff. Traditionally, Falcom developed their titles for the PC first and then ported to consoles; recently, Falcom has shown preference to the PSP, porting almost all of their recent titles to the handheld and even developing Ys SEVEN exclusively for the platform.

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Optical_Matrix3000d ago

I hope so. Importing Falcom games is so freaking troublesome that I've chosen not to bother anymore. These 5 games being localized is a dream come true. Simply can't wait.