Treyarch: 'We didn't draw anything from MW2'

Treyarch didn't draw anything from Modern Warfare 2 for Black Ops, because it started development a year before Infinity Ward's game came out.

That's according to company head Mark Lamia, who told CVG that in terms of development the two games are very much separate.

When asked how Black Ops will go about topping Infinity Ward's game, Lamia replied: "We started Black Ops a year before Modern Warfare 2 came out. So we didn't ask ourselves that question because they were making their game and we make our game. We're two totally different developments, two totally different creatives.

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-Alpha2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

WaW was a direct rip-off copy and paste off of CoD4.

People give a lot of slack towards MW2 being just another CoD game but at least it was different, despite being utterly disappointing.

I'm glad Black Ops is looking more like an independent game instead of another copy. I can't lie, I'm excited for the prospect of this game. Yes, it's COD, but COD is fun. This game looks good on its own merits. I'd rather not buy it, but I'm open to it. As for multiplayer, MW2 disappointed and I haven't played anything as competitive as CoD4 (except for Halo 3), so I truly do hope that Treyarch gets it right.

despair2994d ago

umm WaW was WW2 with COD4 modern times, MW2 was just the same as COD4, just bigger set pieces, so i think you mean WaW was just a ripoff of COD2 or something(unless i'm missing a really big point here)

For the record I haven't truly enjoyed a COD since COD2, except MW MP which was a lot of fun.

ZombieNinjaPanda2994d ago


At least WaW stuck to the true fashion call of duty style of taking your through the lives of soldiers on the front lines.

Suddenly it has become very popular to make hollywood shooter movies for some reason.

-Alpha2994d ago

I was talking about the multiplayer

thewhoopimen2994d ago

How is that any different from Modern Warfare ?

despair2993d ago

oh well yea it was pretty much a rip my mistake.

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ZombieNinjaPanda2994d ago


Modern Warfare 2 = extreme hollywood chase scene where you're playing as a group of special operatives that take down nuclear subs and then use them to stop nuclear warheads.

At least in Cod4, you played throughout most of it as a regular soldier, until the end at least ,where they became a little ridiculous.

D4RkNIKON2994d ago

I see why that would make them proud. Who would want to use MW2 as a starting point? The game is so broken

theonlylolking2994d ago

Isnt that what IW said about Mw2. They didnt take anyhting from [email protected] Clearly they took capture the flag and made it worse and raised the lvl insteadt of 55 or 65 and made it 70.

D4RkNIKON2994d ago

Well [email protected] was based off of the MW1 engine, so was MW2. So far each has been based from the previous

MegaPowa2994d ago

I Dont remember them saying that. link please.

Cajun Chicken2994d ago

Except from the engine, which Infinity Ward made.

Colonel-Killzone2994d ago

LOL This is to funny they are trying so hard to not be infinity ward shadow its so adorable ^_^. Treyarch PS work on the game and stop worrying about being in infinity ward shadow because its so obvious that your trying so hard to not be a clone of them. Instead you should be working on getting the 3million plus fans you lost LOL. Though I'm sure when they hear a new call of duty game they will be having wet dreams.

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