What do you prefer, freedom or scripting?

Gamesradar writes:

Gamesradar've been playing loads of Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake recently. The former is perhaps the greatest open world game ever, offering near peerless FREEEEDOOOOMMMM! (sorry, slipped into Braveheart mode, there) and scale. Mr. Wake, on the other sun-deprived hand, is all about tight scripting and memorable set pieces. Which brings us onto the eternal question or... eh, the one we thought up this morning: what do you prefer, freedom or scripted moments?

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ElementX2971d ago

Depends upon the game. I remember Half Life's scripted moments, they were one of the first! That guy being grabbed and dragged into the duct was awesome! I also like free roaming stuff but sometimes you need some scripted sequences to progress the story and add character.

TheHater2971d ago

Games that is story driven require scripted event to flush the store and characters out more. It all depend on the game and what the developers are going for. Look at Shadow of the Colossus, to me I found the game had both freedom and scripted event with the hunting and killing of each colossus.

Cajun Chicken2971d ago

I'd be honest. Scripting, very, very good scripting. I like sandbox games too, but in order for a sandbox game to work, it needs to be scripted partly, really. Crackdown is an exception.