Microsoft Reiterates: Natal To Release Holiday 2010

Microsoft have dismissed claims that Project Natal will release this month, reiterating a fall 2010 release for the device.

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PhilipLarkin2847d ago

Good. That other article was total boll*cks.

movements2847d ago

Don't just drink Microsoft's water so easily. Did you expect them to really say it's true?

mjolliffe2847d ago

They would have said "Microsoft does not comment on rumour or speculation" though...

The_Count2847d ago

If you honestly expected them to release it this onth then you are reatrded. Sorry but face facts.

movements2847d ago

They say what they want to say dude. Saying what you just said would add fire to the fuel. Something I'm sure they don't want.

Think of it.

mjolliffe2847d ago

It's pretty much every developer/publisher/platform holders doing though. If it's rumour, they give a don't comment, if it's untrue, they'll say it's untrue :)

FanboyAttack2847d ago

Yeah you shouldnt trust microsoft, trust some girl at Gamestop and some dude that post comments on GameThirst instead...GTFO

IdleLeeSiuLung2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Wishful thinking that it would release in a month! You would start seeing a lot more leaks through their supply chains with packaging and even the camera itself.

Besides all that, it doesn't make any sense as MS will market the [email protected] out of the new name and make sure the world knows its coming before it does in MS fashion.

They wouldn't change their plan on a whim like that, but I could see Sony do it. Primarily because they have shown so much of PS Move already and everything seems ready. The name is out, the games have been shown and some advertisements... not sure what else they need.

-Alpha2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

The rumor did get me thinking though. Would it have been far-fetched if MS did that?

Regarding MS being ready though... who says they aren't? Just because they showed you and the rest of the media very little doesn't mean they haven't been working on the product backstage. The product seems ready if they've already sent devkits to developers. I am expecting MS to share more at E3, but I wouldn't say it's not ready just because we haven't seen much from MS. That's just how MS is controlling the product speculation. This "MS is not ready" stuff is just Natal Nay-Sayers trying to bury the product. We know nothing of Natal, so it's logically invalid to certainly conclude that it's the best ever or that it's not ready.

I speculate that MS wouldn't have a product that has been sitting around doing nothing for the past year and MS surely would progress on it to keep their brand's reputation. However, their strategy just seems totally opposite to Sony's. Doesn't mean that they have nothing to show. Though, if at E3 they show nothing then I'll be worried, but that's unlikely to happen.

IdleLeeSiuLung2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I'm not saying that MS isn't ready, but rather that the market isn't because MS has CHOSEN to not push (i.e. marketed) it out yet. MS has once stated that this is like a console re-launch, and one month to do so isn't realistic.

I'm pretty sure MS will stick to their target date and plans.

I also expect them to show some really cool stuff at E3 for Natal!!!

Keltik822847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

In the hell did you get a disagree with something called the "Truth" with another thing that compliments it called "Evidence"? Lol.


rroded2847d ago

couse they put what they have shown so far gainst the move they will fail large.

dc12847d ago

Welcome back Hallmark. You are the most consistent poster on N4G.
Either way you look at it.. its not a bad thing.

You can adore Natal(Wave) without the anti MOVE diatribe..
and be careful not to back yourself into a corner you could be parrying with the Move in 2011.

The_Count2847d ago

Oh and yeah movements just stfu. I just checked and you posted the other article. Btw if Gamesthirst is your site it's shit. kthnxbye

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FanboyAttack2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Gamesthirst Fake Rumor Fails Again

CaptainMarvelQ82847d ago

you were the one who approved gamer thirst's article,and then reported it

wtf is wrong with you?

The_Count2847d ago

Gamesthirst is shit and movements who posted it can GTFO

Biggest2847d ago


Well, UserThree? Care to explain wtf is wrong with you?

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36T2847d ago

Good. I don't want it this month or all summer for that matter. Holiday sounds perfect. Move is different so it shouldn't matter which releases to the public first.

Obama2847d ago ShowReplies(1)
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