Apple: We Lost The Platforms War To Microsoft

Since the Dinosaurs era there’s been fierce rivalry between long time competitors, Microsoft and Apple. History has taught us a big lesson about the platform wars and how they’ve evolved during the years. In a recent interview with “All Things Digital”, Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, discussed his point of view on this so called “Platforms War”. Journalist Walter S. Mossberg asked Jobs if he though that Apple was a player against Micrososft and new comers like Google and Facebook , Jobs replied:

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alaa2852d ago

Nothing's wrong with admitting you've lost a battle. Or, in their case, the war!

IdleLeeSiuLung2851d ago

Admitting is the first step towards fixing the problem!

LukaX232851d ago

The war? I'm not going to stand here defending Apple but I think that's taking it a bit too far. Keep in mind, both companies started out and became successful without gaming.

thewhoopimen2851d ago

The computer platform war if you look at it carefully from a tech standpoint is looking less like a war and more like a battle these days with mobile products taking a larger and larger share of computing and internet bandwidth. Apple may have lost the OS battle, but with their market cap higher than even Microsoft's now... I hardly think they are losing THE war.

IdleLeeSiuLung2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

It's true that Apple has a larger market share than MS, but keep in mind that just a few years ago they were a $50 billion company i.e. a fifth of MS.

The reason it is so high is not because of it's existing business, it is the POTENTIAL for future business. With anything like that it can become much bigger or it can disappear in an instant.

Almost everything about MS is more desirable on the balance sheet, the only thing missing is real killer growth that Apple has and is hingent on one executive that looks like he might die soon.

MS is a stable company, unlikely to move anywhere in the near future, up nor down. The market cap is probably closer to it's true value. It's value has steadily declined and then bottomed out since the anti-trust lawsuits started... they were successful in killing growth.

With that said, I would rather bet on a growing company than a stable company. Your money ain't going to grow with a stable company and worse Steve Balmer seems like an idiot.

Alcon Caper2852d ago

But they won the pretentious hipster war. Grats, Apple!

XxZxX2851d ago

6/10 people i know bought mac because it's cool and want to be better than the rest. 4/10 of them has no idea what are they doing and just want to follow the cool crowd. 5/10 knows they are buying a overpriced device but they're okay with it. 2/10 think it's a cheaper than PC.

hobokiller2851d ago

If you add it up, you know 17/10 that bought a Mac.

XxZxX2851d ago

Hobokiller, I presumed you failed your math and statistic class, because I never stated they are all mutually exclusive. Do you even know what is mutually exclusive. *facepalm*

thewhoopimen2851d ago

And some of you still think that lower price still means better value after buying into hardware failures like the 360 instead of ponying an extra $100-200 for a ps3. To each their own.

HxCGamer2851d ago

to be fair, if ur recording ur better off with a mac then with crappy pc asio drivers. so macs are sometimes needed

sofocado2851d ago

I don't think you know what are you talking about. I have a recording studio and I use a PC with asio driver, I use my Rosetta 800 with the xfire wire driver from apoggee, I do not have any problem. I know other studios that are using PT HD with PC with no problem. Mac are overprice but they are good. If a pc user know how to it setup there is no need for a Mac.

Rhythmattic2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Just as there is 360/PS3 haters , there is PC/Mac brethren....

Whether its overpriced, pretentious, non conforming, only the case looks good, whatever, I can tell you, having worked selling,supporting equipment to professional recording studios, Macs are a dream.

Believe it or not, Deny it or not, when you have a studio ring up with an issue , where time is money, there is no better platform than Mac. Most the time problems can be fixed on the phone,Due to the macs ecosystem (hardware/Os) ,

BTW, the x-fire card is the only win supported product. everything else from apogee is Mac only.

Hey, each to their own, but I can tell you, me and 99% of all my pro customers use mac.

And as for price, sure, build a PC at half the price, but whats it worth in 4 years ?

As for gaming, we all know thats a different story altogether.

XxZxX2851d ago

"And as for price, sure, build a PC at half the price, but whats it worth in 4 years ?"

same thing will happen to a Mac as new faster processor and video card replaced it. If you buy a 4 years old Mac that has the same price 4 years ago, You are getting rip off.

As for studio wise, I would agree if you hand select a hardware and OS together, it is easy to do your support. I have seen studios bought only specific brand and type of PC to make support easier. There are two camps in studios for choosing Mac vs PC, some just use both. but If you know what you are doing, I think PC does not lose out to Mac at all.

You know Mac is just 5-7% of whole OS market, but go to the Starbuck, sit there and look. You would see Mac dominate at least 70% of the Starbuck table. Why is that??

Kurylo3d2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

cause pc people have lives outside of starbucks. Pc people also dont need to show off to a crowd of strangers their new mac laptop. Cause most pc people have a pc laptop for 600 dollars that can run crysis on very high... that mac laptop doesnt have a graphics card lol.

thewhoopimen2851d ago

Yeah I game 100% of the time. That's why I bought a computer in the first place /s

Seriously, does a graphics card really factor in when you need to sync your iphone to your mac or music on your iPod? Mac may only have 11% (btw it's 11%) of the PC market, but Apple ain't sweating with 70-80% of the music player market and 15-20% of the total cell phone market.

Like I said, the hate for a platform that does a great job for what you pay for... makes absolutely no sense. Did Apple come and rip your bum hole a new one Kuryo3D or xxyzx? What's the point of arguing pricing when you don't even need one?

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halojunkie2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

great article, hope it gets approved.

SOAD2851d ago

You slowly went from being a PS3 fan to a troll.

jordenkotor2851d ago

I love both. I love my iPod touch, and my iTunes. But I love my Windows PC as well. As long as they both keep releasing wonderful intriguing products, I'm with both of them

SpLinT2851d ago

nonsense! you must pick one and stick with them!

duplissi2851d ago

apple: overpriced constricting and proprietary but well made devices see: ipad....

microsoft: often late to the game with devices and features: see zune and windows 7, windows phone 7. spotty reliability: see xbox 360 and most versions of windows before win 7. but they do however strike gold every now and then and make highly compelling products: windows 7, xbox live, and the latest zune

while i dont particularly like either company ill probably go with microsoft's stuff over apple's stuff simply because apple is sooo freakin overpriced (zune hd 16 gb 179.99! ipod touch 8gb 199.99!) - perfect example....

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