Why Gears Of War Succeeds Where Others Fail

NowGamer: An in-depth look at the success of Gears Of War and why it rises so vicariously above its competitors.

"In a truly remarkable action game, story is gameplay’s bitch. And it’s often the misunderstanding of how exactly the balance needs to be weighted that leads to the emergence of so many titles crammed with great ideas, yet falling as flat and uninspiring as a turd in an apple press."

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GWAVE2969d ago

Gears is like Madden...

Appeals to a certain fanbase, but for the rest of us we just scratch our heads and go "Why?"

jimmins2969d ago

If you read the feature, you'll find out ;)

dizzleK2968d ago

i read it. now what? i could have told you it was "dumb". i don't pay $60 for dumb "action movie" games. what drama the series tries to insert is trite and insipid beyond words, as i find the gameplay to also be trite and insipid.

yea, the game has a fanbase. so do the transformer films and twilight, it doesn't stop them from being stupid.

i find few things less appealing than mindless nonsense and i'm sorry but i put gears in that category. i guess i simply demand more from my entertainment than most.

XactGamer2968d ago

"i don't pay $60 for dumb "action movie" games" and yet you bought Uncharted 2 LOL

RedDevils2968d ago

according to the Einstein above me, saying "dumb action movie games" isn't that make like 70-80% of games/movies we've been watching/playing is a waste of money :P

champ212968d ago

Its an exclusive. Fanboys like to promote what is exclusive to their system. Regardless how the game really is.

The superior version of GEars was out on the PC. Ask any PC gamer and they will tell you the game was terrible.

dangert122968d ago

gears is good but tell me why im ranked against for people way better then me and one on my level :s its f*ckin hard

Venatus-Deus2968d ago

I really enjoyed Gears of War, but never finished Gears of War 2.

I have no reason why, I just turned it off one day and never went back.

I did the same with Bioshock 2.

IrishAssa2968d ago

Gears 1 was amazing at the time, online at least, it was the first proper through and through AAA game for either console that you had to work in a team. Gears 2 is kinda like what MW2 is to MW, it's just not there . The only people who don't think Gears was a good game are generally those who prefare Ps3 or the odd one out of an Xbox player.

raztad2968d ago

"The only people who don't think Gears was a good game are generally those who prefare Ps3"

I have a PS3 and a PC. Gears 1 is in my collection. It's an enjoyable game. I have to reckon it changed the landscape for TPSs with its cover system. am I a fan of Gear? NO, it's not that good to make me want a sequel. Probably is the the very same cover system that ultimately ends up boring me.

That said I expect Gears 3 to sell very well and if EPIC does the right thing it will boast some gameplay changes that bring variety into the game.

Double Toasted2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

NO, Gears is like Unreal Tournament and Madden having a baby, Gears is the product. Thats why people love it, along with the art direction, its unique. Everything else out there is either a rip-off or just blatantly down right generic. I mean, people like to mentioned Uncharted but its Tomb Raider mixed with Indiana Jones. Gears is unique because the people who made it have a great imagination.

Edit: And why do people like Final Fantasy? I scratch my head every time, lol.

Inside_out2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

There is NO competition for gears BUT Gears itself...NOTHING even close this gen...Best in every category...Outsold all other TPS's dominance in every way...

With Gears complete superiority, the competition have giving up knowing they will never achieve that level of detail in there games and have moved to Hollywood inspired trickery to pretend there games are any good...." Green screen " pre rendered back drops and cut-scenes that out number the game play 2 to 1...Then they act like its in, its 3D...make a decent game already...I buy games to PLAY in an interactive way...not to sit around and watch cut scene after cut scene...SADLY, that's all the competition does....PATHETIC...

No matter...Gears will once again show it's dominance with it's last installment BEFORE the new machines come in...If Gears were to go Multi-platform, it would, in all likely hood, dominate ALL genres of terms of sales...yes, It's that good...

Chk out the vid about Gears 2...the detail and graphics in the enemies...the intelligent AI...All IN GAME...CHEERS...

Bigger, better and more Bada$$...yes...that sums it up nicely...

ape0072968d ago

got the heart and soul that most games lacked and also it's absolutely fun\blast to play

palaeomerus2968d ago

"The rest of us" being a small group of over-dramatic complainers who thankfully no one ever really listens to...

The Maxx2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Gears is what separates the men from the ladies.

The people that Play Gears and enjoy it are the same people that watch Die hard, or The Losers, or Bitch Black, or XXX, or Aliens and Predator movies. The Expendables and The A-Team movies. They are all brainless over the top action flicks for "GUYS".

Guy movies, guy games....Made for Guys. If you don't have a set of balls, then I can see why you would scratch your head asking "why" since you don't have a set of Balls to scratch saying "I understand".

ThanatosDMC2967d ago

And here i thought it was lack of games at that time...

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mal_tez922968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Gears of War was definitely the best third person shooter, until I played Drake's Fortune.

The writer of this article needs to play Uncharted.

jimmins2968d ago

Isn't about Uncharted. It's about Gears Of War and why its blend of story and gameplay succeeds. Get down from the fanboy horse for a minute and actually read the article before posting your daft, ignorant comments.

taktak2968d ago

While i havent played uncharted. I seen people playing it. I think the game has something special and i would love to play it. However i dont own a Playstation nor am i a fan of it.

I played gears on PC for 15mins and quit, it was that bad.

Venatus-Deus2968d ago

I think you should be allowed to talk about the uncharted series when discussing the merits of GeoW. He’s played both and therefore isn’t a fanboy, but a person with an informed opinion.

I think he is also responding to GWAVES first comment, which means he's actually defending GeoW.

NnT32912968d ago

I wouldnt call uncharted a shooter

NnT32912968d ago

I meant third person shooter. Its more like an action adventure game

IrishAssa2968d ago

I disagree, while I have finished Uncharted 1 I couldn't really get in to it, Story isn't great either, better than gears but that doesn't make it particularly good. However, Uncharted 2 I could get into and believe it's the best Tps out at the moment.

Fanb0y2968d ago

Uncharted... shooter...

I'll say it right here: I didn't like shooting in Uncharted 2. Gears shooting mechanics are much more refined.

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DelbertGrady2968d ago

Because it's bigger and more badass than the competition. ;p

Fanb0y2968d ago

There is no competition.

And Uncharted is on another platform.

palaeomerus2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Resident Evil 5, Terminator Salvation, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Dark Sector, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Army of Two, Lost Planet, Transformers:War for Cybertron, probably several others I can't think of at the moment

The Maxx2968d ago

None of those games are like Gears. However Quantum Theory is looking pretty close...well, as close to a total copy as you can get which will still suck and not sell.

Calm Down Sunshine2968d ago

I think you've gone a little overboard with the thesaurus, sir.

Counter Strike2968d ago

Some of the best games this gen!

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