Time Magazine's 10 Questions for Shigeru Miyamoto

The father of modern video gaming, he created iconic characters like Mario and Donkey Kong. His latest big hit is the Nintendo Wii game system. Shigeru Miyamoto will now take your questions...

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Rute4139d ago

From the interview: "At E3 [a gaming trade show], I was a little concerned about defining people as a hard-core gamer vs. a casual gamer. But there are hard-core gamers who play a lot of casual games. Nintendo's focus is to break down the barriers between those two groups and consider everyone just gamers." -Miyamoto

That's well said. I myself play many types of games (Starcraft, Resident Evil 4, Tetris, Minesweeper etc.), but I play them only couple of times per week, so I guess some would define me as a hardcore casual gamer. It will be exciting to see the games that will finally break the barriers, like SSBB, Wiifit and Super Mario Galaxy.

I also like the way Miyamoto handles the console-warish questions.

ChickeyCantor4139d ago

"so I guess some would define me as a hardcore casual gamer"
im sorry but just call yourself a GAMER, hardcore...casual is BS anyway !

MyNutsYourChin4139d ago

A gamer should have no classification other than "gamer". No more of this hardcore/casual crap.

Rute4139d ago

That hardcore casual gamer thing was a joke of course... What I was telling through that contradictory term and my games of choice is that everyone's so unique in their gaming habits that the polarization we see today is highly artificial, and therefore the term gamer is the simplest way of describing any sort of player, as the both of you already said.

ChickeyCantor4139d ago

so then we all agree!
how nice =D XD

btw ..master sidar....i like the sound of it >=D!!!!!!!!! neh j/k XD