Natal will be priced to fail

There are two ways that Natal could end up being a dismal failure. The first is if Natal doesn't get enough support from quality outside developers. The second way that Natal could fail is if Microsoft prices it too high.

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-Alpha3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

These are obvious possibilities. Of course lack of support and price will be bad ways to start off. We don't KNOW for certain the price or the future of Natal, so I find it confusing what articles outlining the obvious are trying to demonstrate. I really think we should wait 'till E3 and this already has been commented on numerous times ever since Natal's price rumor was announced.

Also, regarding price, I don't think MS expects to sell to the core audience/current users. The other half of the $150 rumor is that it will be bundled with an Arcade model for $299 and if that's the case, and if MS pushes Natal as the family-friendly device that is used to watch Netflix, chat with friends, play family games, etc. then you can expect it to sell to the untapped casual audience. Compare it to the Move and I expect Move to sell to users who already own the console.

soxfan20053033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

MS should promote the "one price" feature of Natal - meaning up to four players can play using just one Natal accessory.

Current Wii owners who may be looking to upgrade to a 360 or PS3 will certainly know that it gets expensive to add 2-4 extra controllers, as the Wii (and Move) require for multi-player.

avengers19783033d ago

Are you sure about the up to four players for one Natal, maybe wait till they actually show that working, because right now it has trouble tracking one person with out lag. Four people will not be able to play using one Natal that's my prediction, maybe up to two.

soxfan20053033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

The four players was rumored, but it doesn't matter anyways. The casual audience that Natal is aimed at doesn't follow rumors on N4G. Once it is released, the core audience will know all of the details.

Even if it is just two players, it's still a comparable price point to Wii or Move.

Raf1k13033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

You make some good points.
Casuals are going to be more interested in Natal and while Move will work for both audiences I think it will appeal more to the core than the casuals who will most likely see it as another Wii type peripheral unless they get to try it first hand.

Would be great if MS could sell Natal at a loss like Sony did with the PS3 but even selling something at a break even price temporarily is pretty much taboo for them.

edit: @ soxfan2005, that's a good point. The promo videos we saw last E3 did that and I think MS will actually promote it that way around release.

edit2: @ El Botto, true but it's good that these platform holders are working on improving interactive interfaces. I believe Move is the better one as it combines tactile control and feedback with the kind of stuff that Natal can do too.

El Botto3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Natal to be a smashing success otherwise?


Or maybe the technology behind it is crap and you have a two second lag that you need to deal with it.

Natal is, first and foremost, a PERIPHERAL. Do not forget that fanboys. Its just like the wii racing wheel for mario cart or the vitality sensor (whatever that does) or the 360 wifi or the HD DVD add on or the Wii board.

In 95% of all cases, peripherals suck and end up as failures.

ya ya "but but but the motion detecting abilities, the movements"

So is the Powerglove.

So untill proven otherwise: Natal sucks. *Tuuuu (spits on the ground)*

My money is on Move. Simple, accurate, precise, support and cheap. Best combo ever. Cuccucccucccommmbooo breaker!!

Inside_out3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

The idea is selling the 360 first and foremost....A new redesigned 360 with Natal and a game at $299 is reasonable to me..How families feel about it is what's important...People are crying about $150 but many people bought Guitar hero or rock band that cost the same or more for that add's not like 3D where you need a NEW tv to play it...I wonder how Sony is gonna spin that little detail....LMAO....

Natal will do or die on the " apps " that are shown for it...What if Natal is available for the PC community as well...Fable 3 is Natal friendly and is coming out on PC....Hmmmmm....I just don't see how it could fail...Remember that part in the Natal promo, where that kid comes in the room and the Kung-fu master calls out his name and challenges him to a fight...If they actually have something like that, that would be MASSIVE...Milo is a real game...will be available at launch....E3 will be critical to Natal and 360 success...

Qui-Gon Jim3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I think $150 for stand-alone is high, but $300 for a Natal equipped Arcade is entirely marketable. If consumers think it's enough of an improvement over the Wii with Natal and HD, I could easily see it selling at that price. Look at how many people paid $250 for a Wii.

Imperator3033d ago

This peripheral is undoubtedly targeted at the Casual audiance which will not be buying this for 150 bucks. Core gamers, on the other hand, won't buy it unless it shows some groundbreaking games (which I don't it will).

As is, Natal seems poised to fail with both the Casuals (becuase of price) and the core gamer (becuase of lack of any good games).

daevion03033d ago

only dumbass 360less ps3 fanboys make assumptions about natal before their e3 event. a xbox360 120 gb arcade for 199.99 is extremely profitable. xbox360 belive it or not are extremely cheap to produce and xbox360 slims will just make them cheaper. and as for games 76% of all third party game devs are developing for it. the game devs are not stupid. microsoft is not stupid. this thing will dominate so STFU. this is why i cnt wait till e3 so all the ps3 fanboys can shut their fucking mouths they're in the lead for a few months and they're celebrating already lol. stop JUDGING IT WAIT UNTIL E3. now it will be funny when microsoft unveils xbox360 slims and natal and alot of games at e3 lol. and if they announce natal is cheaper then $150 lol priceless lol

niceguywii603033d ago

Is this more anti Natal speculation based from the Rumor. Not even worth reading.

pixelsword3033d ago


I see Natal being huge in Japan. The name itself is likely in reference to birth or more precisely, "breach".

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mrv3213033d ago

I believe $150 is likely, but I thin it's best to wait 'till E3 before saying 'failtal' or something. If Microsoft announced $150 at E3 then it's bad news, and not purchase from me. I don't agree it should be $50-60, $100 would hit the sweet spot.

BeaArthur3033d ago

I think Natal was designed to be bundled with the 360 and that is how they are intended to really sell, which could work as a relaunch. If they are expecting to sell a ton of these at $150, then yes it will fail.

Raf1k13033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

A new lower priced slim model (though not likely to happen) with Natal bundled would be great IMO. I'd be tempted to pick one up.

Breakfast3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Maybe the writer has got some inside information?

Nope...just another stupid headline on n4g.

Cherchez La Ghost3033d ago

Why do people always want something or someone to fail? N4G is a cesspool of pessimism and negativity.

ReBurn3033d ago

The disagrees are just so ironic.

Al Bundy3033d ago

Supreme Clientele is a classic. Almost better than Ironman.

Cherchez La Ghost3033d ago

What u know about Mr. Starks?! One of my top five MC's.

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