Why The Xbox 360 Slim is a Certainty (and why it’ll happen at E3)

By now we’ve all seen and debated over the legitimacy of the leaked images from a few months ago that seem to suggest come E3, Microsoft will reveal a new entry in its Xbox 360 line of models. Dubbed ‘Slim’ simply because of its PlayStation counterpart, the rumours have died off as of late. With June upon us, though, Microsoft naturally has a number of reveals ready to drop at gaming’s annual showcase, and surely this more refined, sleek iteration of the 360 will be one of them. Still not sure? Here’s why…

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captain-obvious2998d ago

i would love to use this guys crystal ball

GWAVE2998d ago

Why would a slim even matter?

Unless it's also bundled with Natal or something extra, why would you want to pack the 360's overheating hardware even closer together?

Feckles2998d ago

New, cheaper-to-produce hardware – like the PSone and PS2 – would enable this to happen, making the console much cheaper to manufacture and cheaper to sell. And, in theory, to appeal to a wider audience, the Wii audience. Which is surely who MS is after now… Why else invest all that money in developing Natal?

Pillville2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

If they made a slim it would be with updated hardware, meaning quieter/cooler (hopefully). Just like Sony did with the slim.

@Feckles - you beat me to it.

PS360_372998d ago

@ GWAve

for the same reason the PS3 slim mattered.

For me, if one is released i will most certainly be getting one.

El Botto2998d ago Show
Strange_Evil2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Even if the 360 Slim is a reality, I doubt MS will announce it at E3. For 360 Slim to have a maximum impact, it has to come around the Natal launch. So if Natal is slated for a October/November launch, then I can see a Slim landing then and capitalizing on the Holiday Season, so announcing it at E3 would be suicidal as it will kill the 360 sales and people will just wait for the Slim to land in Oct/Nov.

If the Slim launches early now, then it will lose it's appeal by the time Natal launches and won't have the same impact the Slim will have if it's released late in the Holiday season. Even the PS3 Slim was announced at TGS not E3 cause Sony wanted that Q4 Holiday share.

@PS_360 & above... I agree a Slim can have an impact on sales, but I doubt it will be as big as a PS3 Slim. The reason PS3 sold so much was cause it dropped from the 399$ price tag to an affordable 299$ (and primarily closer to it's competitor in price). The 360 has been on the mass market price of 199$ (Arcade) for quiet sometime... So I doubt a 360 Slim would really be as big a success as a PS3 Slim.

soxfan20052998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

And the 360 slim will happen, and probably further the 360's lead over PS3, no matter how much you wish it won't.

raztad2998d ago

X-Slim could be relevant if

1) It's reliable

2) It's sold at a lower price

Second item is the most important.

IdleLeeSiuLung2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

So why will a Xbox 360 Slim not matter, but changes in color, size changes and in some cases removal of features would matter on another console like the PS3?

PS360_372998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

@ Elbotto

"What Im saying is that a guy like Bach is expensive and a SLIM would require a guy like Bach to spend 2-3 months in his office redesigning the whole 360"

The 360 has been out for 4+ years, which is obviously plenty of time to design one, plus the amount of money a guy like Bach + a team would require is chump change for MS, especially when compared to how much they shell out for certain things that matter a lot less.

The money made from millions of units would completely trump the cost of development.

I also love how you take your own biased input as complete fact, as if you have some knowledge of what is actually happening at MS.

Anon19742998d ago

When the PS3 slim was looming, there were all sorts of signs. Sony set ship targets for the PS3 at their fiscal update that seemed impossible to hit at it's current rate of sales. That was a big one.

Microsoft has cautioned that 360 sales will be flat for this fiscal year.

With the PS3 slim, leaked pictures were coming in from everywhere - pictures of the unit and packaging. We've seen nothing like this for the rumored 360 slim. The 360 slim motherboard images we've seen may be legit, but who knows at what stage this picture is from.

We also knew from the company's that made the PS3 that Sony had geared up production and ordered a whack of new components. Not a peep from Microsoft.

So either Microsoft is a master at keeping secrets and is able to not only suppress thousands of employees from the different companies involved in making the 360 but they're not above lying about ship targets on their financial statements and the 360 is coming out soon ... or the 360 slim's launch just isn't on the immediate horizon.

Conloles2998d ago

Meanwhile I can make a slimmer PC which outperforms the Xbox and PS3 combined.

striped942998d ago

@ Conloles
so true, haha.

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knight6262998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

i agree with GWAVE a xbox slim wont matter look how many people already have a xbox...unless M$ has plans on banning more xbox accounts then of course people will buy a slim

@PS360_37 of course the ps3 slim mattered and mostly everyone already knew sony was going to come out with a slim ps3 becaus eof sonys history of releasing slim version of their console...and also only reason it mattered is to lower the price of the console and which it helped sony sell more ps3

rob60212998d ago

You can bet there will be another ban wave next holiday season.

knight6262998d ago

iam guessing around COD:BO

cyborg69712998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Why would they consider doing this when they can't even get they're fat model to work properly?
@above Are you like the text whisperer or something? Where you can detect emotional distress. I'm one as well and you sound like you need to add a little more vinager to be affective.

antt32998d ago

This guy basically just made some guesses as to why a slim would be a good idea. And to be honest, some of his reasoning seemed flawed.

He mentioned that the slim could be bundled with Natal. But they certainly don't *need* a slim model to make this bundle happen, and I'm sure they'll bundle with current hardware if there is no slim.

$100!? That would be awesome, but how likely is it really? I mean, from their perspective, they already have a model that is $100 less than the cheapest Sony offering. I can't imagine they are all that interested in making it $200 cheaper.

I'm not saying there *won't* be a slim model. But this article didn't convince me of anything.

36T2998d ago Show
nickjkl2998d ago

i doubt there will be a slim 360 or they would have done it with the falcon and jasper

like isnt it odd o release 2 cpus o fix rrod to which both failed and then release a slim

AAACE52998d ago

I'm starting to doubt a slim 360 now! Usually by now, more images would have leaked by now. Unless they are trying to make a surprise at E3.

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tdogchristy902998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I'd have to wait a little to check the relability of the slims but I'd be interested. My 2006 360 has been acting up and is just kind of showing it's age. So I'm primed for a replacement.

tplarkin72998d ago

The problem with this rumor is that there have been no leaks whatsoever. In past "slims", there were always leaked pics. But, it seems that it is time for a slim 360 since it is 5 years after launch.

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Dorwrath2998d ago

My question is.

If there is a slim and it doesn't have HDD storage like the current model, will they continue selling both or will the slim replace the current model.

Reason being is that those people that want to change over to the slim will not be able to move their HDD to the SLIM.

Or like me if my console fails and I take it back to Best Buy for an exchange and their is no more 360 FATS, what do i do with all my data on my old faulty machine. Best Buy will just give me a slim as replacement, but what about my data on my HDD.

I don't mind a slim but I want it with a built in HDD, one where u can upgrade it yourself and a transfer cable to copy my data across.

Feckles2998d ago

Two models: one with no HDD, one with a, 250GB HDD. HDD model would be aimed at families wanting to stream/download movies and play Natal.

iceman29292998d ago

they'll give you a transfer cable.


you mean they will sell you a transfer cable

Dlacy13g2998d ago

It's coming but MS wont announce at E3. They will let Natal (Wave) take center stage. The slim will get announced at Gamescon or TGS later in the year.

JANF2998d ago

I think that would be a better strategy for the slim. Let Natal take all the glory on E3 and announce X360 slim later.

rob60212998d ago

The new design would be fitting to be announced/released alongside Natal, to make it seem like a new console to the casuals.

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