StarCraft II Patch 14 Notes

A brief glance at the latest Patch which mostly regards Zerg balance changes and some needed bug fixes.

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Bandreus2729d ago

Nice patch changes, Zerg did got some love

Djorgo2729d ago

Zerg, finally. After so much spanking.

Bandreus2729d ago

yeah well, you know, I feel like they left all the Zerg changes for later, the bulk of those at least. Don't know exactly why though

Zergling2729d ago

Very nice! As a zerg player i am glad they finally got some upgrades rather than constantly being nerfed. lol
Good to know they are fixing the bugs in too.

Bandreus2729d ago

they've been working quite a lot on Zerg in the last 3 or 4 patches. Moved or changed lots of spells too. I like a lot how Zerg is shaping up

Maticus2729d ago

So Zergs got Nerfed? Heehee

2729d ago