Vgchartz review: Again (ds)

Throughout its extensive lifespan, the Nintendo DS has time and time again rejuvenated genres that gamers have been hard-pressed to find in this modern day love affair with all things action-oriented. Long thought to be a bygone relic of the 1980s and 1990s PC era, the text/point-and-click adventure fits the bill perfectly when discussing these rejuvenated genres, and the guys over at Cing have played an enormous role in the revitalization by outputting three different text adventure titles worldwide on the DS alone. This is why Again, the fourth (and what may very well be the last) title developed by the house that Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk built, is such a peculiar title. What had the potential to be one of the DS’s premier text-adventures somehow turned into a something of a disaster, and given Cing’s impressive track record, there’s really no explanation for the laughable narrative and subpar gameplay presented in their latest adventure effort.

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