PS3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 patch hits tomorrow

M2G Writes:

EA and Dice has announced that the PlayStation 3 Bad Company 2 servers will go down for maintenance tomorrow in order to implement a new update.

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captain-obvious3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

"servers will go down for maintenance tomorrow in order to implement a new update."


oh well
i guess i'll play RDR

"Increased the penalty points for TeamKill and TeamDamage"
well what if some dumb ass busts in to the building while its going down ?
it happens sometimes
why do i got my points reduced if some guy is stupid ?

and one last thing they should fix
weapons laying around M-COMS should disappear as soon as the drop on the ground
some time i want to disarm it and end up picking the weapon with out intending to do that

edit @ Snakefist30
yah i havent played Killzone2 in a while
i guess i'll do soon i miss that game

-Alpha3035d ago

They should have Square be the "Pick up weapon" button and circle the defuse button.

Also: "Increased the reward points for Objective Actions (Flag Cap/Assist, Arm/Disarm/Destroy/Damage/Team Destroy/TeamDamage)"

Awesome, but I doubt this will alleviate the huge sniper problem the game has. Snipers need some damn sway, it's ridiculously easy to snipe people in this game which is why so many people do it. Better yet cut their ammo so they have to rely on teammates or at least MOVE!

JBaby3433034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I don't see that many. I play quite a bit and usually only about 3-4 snipers on the other team which is about right if each squad member picks a different class.

I also think sniping in BFBC2 is more challenging than pretty much all the other games. In COD games you just put your crosshairs on someone and they are dead. In BC2 you have to account for bullet drop and leading them on the run. I don't see many grabbing headshots from people on the run (although I've done it before) and hitting the UAV on the move isn't so easy but very rewarding. If you are referring to people shooting you from 100 yards with shotguns and light machineguns then yeah I agree with you that THAT form of sniping is crap. But the great thing about being a sniper in BC2 is that you can actually hide where most games you stick out like a sore thumb. People will walk right by me sometimes. The drawback to sniping of course is that you can't really capture flags or arm/disarm objects easily because machineguns win pretty much everytime over your pistol.

All in all I think the sniping is well done. I recommend you snipe snipers if you don't like them. It is truly satisfying.

BattleAxe3034d ago

@ Jbaby343

I totally dissagree, by your logic, why don't we all snipe so we can snipe the snipers. The sniping has gotten way out of hand on that game.

BF:BC1 was a far better game, because there was more of an emphassis on the vehicles which is what Battlefield is all about. The maps were bigger which meant that if you were sniping, you couldn't cover the whole map from one location or even 2 or 3 locations. As a sniper you had to keep moving.

jjohan353034d ago

Glad they're updating their servers. Lag has been a problem ever since the last update several weeks ago on PS3. A lot of people have left BC2 among my friends because of the lag as well as RDR being great.

n4gno3034d ago

rdr is not great at all for mp, only solo campain.

wUTTer3034d ago

True. There tends to be way too many snipers on my team at times, and sit in one spot totally missing the point of their "RECON" class.

But on the other hand, it's so rewarding to get a headshot on a chopper pilot and watching it crash with all passengers still strapped in LOL!

Snakefist303035d ago

I Hate Patches!!! Its Suck.Last Time I Download A Patch From MW2 It Hangs Same Goes For Fifa 10.

wicko3035d ago

It's a server side patch. You don't have to download anything.

Snakefist303035d ago

Hey Obivious Did U Play Killzone I Think I Hv Met And Played With YA Killzone 2 Online.

cyborg69713035d ago

Good maybe they're adding servers. The lag has been terrible fir overca month now. So maybe I'll be able to get back on it again.

3034d ago
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