Kane and Lynch 2 Co-Op Hands on Preview - Co-Optimus

Co-Optimus: Recently I was invited to check out the latest build of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for the Xbox 360, though it'll also be available on the PS3 and PC. We've been through it before, you know the storied past of the previous game, so lets move right on. As we've been telling you for months the game has adapted this unique visual style which has been compared to something you'll see on YouTube. While this may be a fair comparison, it doesn't do the game justice once you see it in action.

As games attempt to look more and more realistic, they are getting dangerously close to the uncanny valley. Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, and others all look amazing, but because of their approach to realism - it's that much easier to tell when something just doesn't quite look right. In Kane and Lynch 2 the contrast is bumped up, the colors are desaturated and given a grayish-pink hue, and video style artifacts are present throughout the game world.

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