Edge Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto

Edge: You don’t need to read another introduction to Shigeru Miyamoto. His career highlights are etched in the mind of every player, but here goes, nonetheless. From the days of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros to the industry-usurping Wii, it’s a career with two constants: originality and quality. The general manager of Nintendo’s EAD division tells us about his road thus far – and what’s next.

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eagle213035d ago

Without a doubt, my favorite game designer EVER. Words can't do him justice....thank you is all I need to say to him. :)

EvilTwin3035d ago

Good info. Interesting stuff on him working with Hiroshi Yamauchi, and his effect on Miyamoto's career. Who knows if it would've all turned out differently with someone else in a managerial position?