Ripten Review: Alpha Protocol

"After being delayed for what seemed like forever and a day, Agent Michael Thorton’s debut title has finally been released — and not only has it been released, but I’m here to tell you that, for those of us who are into true action/RPG’s, Alpha Protocol delivers."

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Dawn_Of_Ashes2997d ago

I bought the game and i think a 7/10 or 8/10 is a good note for this game. Even if the game isnt perfect it doesnt deserved a 2/10 like destructoid gave to the game.

CrzyFooL2997d ago

Yeah, it's a shame that sites like Destructoid can skew the view on a game and bring down it's Metacritic score with a 2/10. If everybody was rating it that low it'd have some merit, but seeing as everyone else is rating the game between a 6-8, it's clear that they just did it for shock value. Reviews like that should not be taken seriously and not be allowed to count towards a game's metascore imo.

Alpha Protocol is a lot of fun, even if it has some technical problems.
This review got it right, I hope they make an Alpha Protocol 2.

FrankDaTank2997d ago

destructoid is crap. jim sterling is crap. that review was crap. crap is crap. the only thing that is not crap is beer. beer is not crap.

greeneggsnsam2997d ago

Such mixed reviews for this game. Makes you wonder what it is that polarises it so much!

Nostradavis2997d ago

I think some reviewers aren't meant to review every game type. Just because you are handed a strategy game doesn't mean you like those types of games and it doesn't mean you will be able to issue an objective review. If you don't enjoy a game type you shouldn't review it. Period.