IGTV: Age Of Conan: Rise Of The Godslayer First Impressions

IncGamers takes a quick look at what awaits players in the recent expansion for Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer.

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Maticus2965d ago

This is a massive new bit of land to explore, must get round to checking it out sometime.

Djorgo2965d ago

Wolves are cool. Wonder if wolfriding could be made possible?

Avery2965d ago

@ Djorgo you can two 2 things with the new mounts:

Basically you can train one up to be a Pet and have another as a Mount but not one of each as a mount. In true Conan style you have to go and tame them from a young age and they grow with you. At the appropriate time you can covert into a mount or have as an attacking pet. They aren't just "given" to you as a reward you have to "make them your own."

The Wolf

The new wolf mount can only be attained through a series of quests in which the wolf will grow with each completed quest. You must prove yourself to the pack in order to fully command a wolf from a cub to a fullygrown wolf. This will take some time and effort in order to train your wolf before it's strong enough to either be used as a damage pet or mount.

The Wolf mount comes with a special ability, that snares any enemy in the vicinity of the player, dismounts them if they were on a mount other than a wolf mount and makes enemies visible that were in stealth mode. Additionally, the wolf mount has the longest endurance of any mount in the game.

The Tiger

The tiger, known to the Vendhyans as the Vaaghasan, is closely linked to the Tamarin’s Tiger faction. To be eligible to ride the tiger, a player must become a member of the Tamarin's Tigers. You will also have to complete a series of tasks in order to show your worth for such a companion. Once completed, you will be given a tiger cub that you must help train into the predator they were always meant to be.

Tamarin will be the judge to see if the bond is strong enough that the Vaaghasan will consent the beast for riding. But first, there is a matter of the saddler for the Tiger that must be assembled by the one who wishes to ride it. You may also choose to keep the tiger as a damage pet or full mount. If you choose to mount the tiger, you will be given the ability to stealth around playfields without being seen. Additionally, the tiger mount holds the fastest sprint speed in the game.

Chazmers2965d ago

the new hard mode for the instances sound intriguing.

Fyzzu2965d ago

It's something I like seeing. Provides reason to still go back and do old favourites again, even when you've exhausted the need to our have vastly out-skilled (or out-geared) them.

Dorjan2965d ago

Nice that it wasn't all end game stuff