Enslaved 'as beautiful as Uncharted'‎

Ninja Theory's Enslaved is 'as colourful as Mario, as detailed as Gears and as beautifully animated as Uncharted'.

That's according to CVG man Andy, whose new Enslaved gameplay preview puts the Namco Bandai-published game on a similar visual level as Naughty Dog's PS3 classic.

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ELite_Ghost2911d ago

maybe like the artwork or whatever...
Not graphics, keep on dreamin!

deadreckoning6662911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Either way, I'd take original artwork over graphics any day. I STILL find Shadow of the Colossus and Okami to be more visually appealing to me than Uncharted 2. My two cents.

@Elite_Ghost- Have u played it? If not, then how do u know?

StanLee2911d ago

Yeah, art plays a huge part in how a game looks. Mario Galaxy 2 is gorgeous and one of the best looking games this gen in my opinion and it's solely because of the art direction.

Montrealien2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Art direction > Technical power imho.

A good example is WoW, that engine is 6 years old, and the stuff Blizzard pulls off with it is insane. I have said it many times here on N4G. It aint the amount of coloring crayons you have, it is what you draw with them that counts.

/on topic

Lets face it, this is from the devs of one of the most beutiful early PS3 games, a game that to this day stands toe to toe with some of the best looking games this gen. I am very excited to see what they can do, and obviously the PS3 version should be optimised to take advantage of its power, I am sure these guys know how to do that.

/off topic

We really need to be able to see the dissagrees, I would really like to confront the people that just blindly dissagree for no reason.

Chubear2911d ago

Piggy backing off a PS3 exclusive game. Don't see these using multiplat games as an example though.. wonder why?

Montrealien2911d ago

what dies that even mean chubear? Could you clarify that statement a little?

blodulv2911d ago

I ask to all of those "art direction > graphics" folks.

What the hell does art direction even mean if they can't deliver with great graphics.

IMO they go hand in hand.

Gamehead362911d ago

I agree with a lot of what is being said in here. art direction is important and is the reason games like okami and mario are visually appealing no matter the technical graphical power. but these comments wreak of damage control. montrealin has appeared to be pretty impartial in his comments to me to me, but others, especially this d!ck deadreckoning666, thrives off, well, being a d!ck. get a life yo

ShinMaster2911d ago

It looks great though.
Although this says "Uncharted" and not "Uncharted 2".

Another thing, they don't seem to be necessarily talking about the graphics explicitly.

IaMs122911d ago

Honestly why is it so surprising that a game comes out later in the future to have better or equal graphics to Uncharted?? Technology is evolving so is the graphics, so why cant this game have better graphics or equal to? Why is that so surprising? Yah UC looks amazing but its not going to look amazing to us forever, there will be games that will look better then it so get over yourselves.

That said, im not saying Enslaved will be better looking im just pointing out you PS3/UC fans need to get your heads out of your A**s and realize that graphics/technology move forward just in months.

Ju2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Ninja Theory scraped their own engine and went UE3 instead. Does this answer that ? I guess it does.

Gameplay wise it looks like a nice breeze from the platform genre. Looks in some elements like the platforming in Uncharted. If executed well, it should be a nice game to play.

@Montrealien, I disagreed. Simply because Ninja Theory is not willing to push anything. Not engine wise. They gave up and licensed UE3. Might explain why their engine lead is now working on Brink. I would have hoped they would go back and improve Heavenly Swords engine. If you expect that, you'll be disappointed. They still use their great mo-cap system, I hope.

despair2911d ago

how about Art direction + Technical Power = Uncharted.

what the hell is Art direction anyway?

mikeslemonade2911d ago

No mediocre multiplatform developer is going top Uncharted 2 for a long time.

Now as for "Art Direction and Technical Power" you need both. And you can't say Art Direction is more important when your power is limited on consoles. As strong as the PS3 is you still need to be savvy about how you conserve the tech. When you make a small footprint you will allow youself to put in more art(graphics, color, physics etc.)

Now, multiplatform engines like in Enslaved aren't going to take advantage of the PS3 fully, so there's no way in hell it's going to top of Uncharted 2 because Uncharted 2 has the best engine built for the PS3 coupled with experienced artists that made Uncharted 1 which is still one of the best looking games this generation.

@ The BS about Okami and SOTC looking better... You're just blind and you probably just play on a 480i tube TV.

Raf1k12911d ago

I don't know about you guys but I've always understood art style to be a part of a game's graphics.

Afterall, devs do try to come up with concept art first which is created to give the people working on the game a feel for what they are trying to achieve with it. The devs then encorporate the style of the art into the graphics to give the the game the same visual feel as the concept art.

That's why I say the art style is a part of graphics go hand in hand which is why I wouldn't pick one or the other.

Eamon2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I find Uncharted 2 to be a lot more graphically appealing than Killzone 2.

Mind of the fanboy: "Oh noes!!11 He pr4ised Uncharted 2 so i shood clik agree but he d1ss3d KILLZONE 2 so I MUST DISAGREE! ARGH!!! MIND IMPLOSION >.<"

Heisenberg2911d ago

Grow up, who cares that much about disagrees? You want to hunt down and confront these people? Easy bro. Have you considered that people simply have a differing opinion?

Anyway, hopefully the game's good, but this is just PR crap.

"as colourful as Mario, as detailed as Gears and as beautifully animated as Uncharted"

Let's just list the most popular and best looking games from each system and hopefully build hype based on their hard work.

Shepherd 2142911d ago

Art Direction is where you look at just a small portion of a game or movie universe and you KNOW its that game.

When i see a structure in Halo, i KNOW its from Halo instantly. When i see a weapon or vehiclefrom Star Wars, i KNOW its from Star Wars. When i see just a smudge of a level from Mario, i know its from Mario.

Uncharted 2 is technically very, very good. However, if i look at a piece of Uncharted's universe, im confused as to whether its from Indiana Jones or not. Obviously i know its Uncharted because its a video game and i can tell that its animated, but if Uncharted's world were to become Real Life suddenly, you couldnt tell the difference between Indy's world and Drake's.

Uncharted has good art direction, but its an atmosphere that can easily blend in with other things.

pixelsword2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Heavenly Sword was Colorful, Detailed, and Beautifully animated as well; but since it was an exclusive game, it got the shaft in reviews and scores.

elpresador2911d ago

Though I loved the game, UC2 had its problems. I mean I cant be the only one that noticed that it was jaggy as hell in a lot of parts, hell, Elena had jaggies around her eyes and anyone with long hair had it clip through their shoulders and collar of shirts and on top of that the ladies hair seemed like hard plastic. The animation was top noth but the anount of jaggies would take me out of the game from time to time.

I will get disagrees like crazy but UC2 was not the 100% graphical beast the fanboys make it out to be.

ThanatosDMC2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

No, even if you praise U2 or KZ but the same person has been a troll will still get disagrees.

thewhoopimen2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

What are you talking about as Jaggy as hell. The game had f**king 2X MSAA just like 99% of every 360 game out there. Can you pull something not out of your ass? Like how much your TV blows, if somehow 2xMSAA magically appears great on your 360 games vs. your imaginary ps3?

RedDevils2911d ago

are you telling me that Uncharted 2 is not art or visual appealing, lmao please artist have been craving of how incredible or detail the art side of Uncharted 2 really is. My two cents :P

TotalPS3Fanboy2911d ago

and that is in no way comparable to Uncharted 2. A lot of low res textures. Low polygons counts. And average animation.

matey2911d ago

Zelda will blow this away graphics/art the lot gameplay will impale this game 60fps just wait and see i know this game isnt in the same league as Zelda but i had to say it because 3rd partys love trying to make the wii look like it cant do graphics as well as it can expect a few amazing graphical games at E3 related to Wii i wouldnt be surprised if they announced a firmware update for 576p/720p to better stack up to the 3DS i mean high end games on that machine will be simply amazing on them small high rez screens.

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Reibooi2911d ago

It's a great looking game for sure.

But it doesn't look anywhere near as good as Uncharted. Not in the graphics themselves and not in the animations.

Montrealien2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I will not deny that Uncharted is a great looking game, but if you want to get picky, and trust me, if I wanna, I can get picky. here are just a few things that bugs me graphically about Uncharted 2.

Drawn in foilage in the jungles, everytime I catch one getting drawn in, it take me out of the experience a little. And the shadows, you turn to quickly sometimres and all you see is shadows getting drawn in. Is uncharted 2 one of the best looking games this gen, yep, can you spot the little trick here and there that they used to make that happen? yep. People have to stop propping games on a pedestal as king of graphics, one thing I learned with the PS2 is that as long as you have great games, graphics take that back seat.

With that said, I am very excited to see what Ninja Theory will end up with, I really enjoyed Heavenly blade, and Kung fu chaos for that matter. :)

jack_burt0n2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )


Some of the worst character models i have seen in a while and I have been playing alot of gow2 recently, compare that to the heavenly sword launch trailer, the animation the art design the facial animation all of it looks better in heavenly sword a game from 2007.

solidt122911d ago

The color pallete is just like Uncharted 2. I bet that's the only reason they are comparing it, but the graphics don't compare.

CoxMulder2911d ago

It's funny to see that montrealien guy try so hard and fail..

Keep it up, sport!!


I wouldn't rule out Ninja Theory that fast. Heavenly Sword cut-scene animations are still better than most in Uncharted 2. They were able to tranfer MoCap greatly to the game.

And to be fair, the only comparison they made to Uncharted was animation wise. The graphic department is aiming for Mario colors and Gears detail level. They don't even mention which entry on the franchise, it's prety clear they are just giving idea what they aim their game to look like.

Reibooi2910d ago


While I agree it's not the smartest idea to rule out Ninja Theory being capable of out doing something like uncharted the Heavenly Sword comparision isn't exactly a good one.

While you are 100% right that Heavenly Sword hands down had better animation then Uncharted it's also obvious that Enslaved is a step backwards from what we saw in Heavenly Sword. The reason is obvious. They were exclusive to the PS3 on Heavenly Sword and that allowed them to really take advantage of the technology and that isn't happening with Enslaved.

Enslaved looks great and I'm certainly looking forward to it but this will not be the game that can out shine uncharted 2 simply because it's a multiplat game.

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booni32911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

sigh. please dont say that because on N4g, a comment like that will get you hung. Now while the game might look great, i hate it when they compare games to other games that have nothing to do do with them. Like how someone thought it made sense to compare gears 3 to killzone 3. It doesnt have to look like (insert ps3 exclusive here) to look good or better yet, BE good as in a good game. now, the disagrees pile up.

palaeomerus2909d ago

Screw N4G. It's a barely managed aggregator site that puts bad blog posts up as news.

Faztkiller2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

But I hope it does the more good looking games the better

Akagi2911d ago

Oh, so have you played it, movements?

sahar2432911d ago

no, thats why he doubt it.

sounds like PR bullshit to me.

Army_of_Darkness2911d ago

"Enslaved is 'as colourful as Mario, as detailed as Gears and as beautifully animated as Uncharted"

also with green grass like halo and dark corridors like killzone 2!! lol! mentioning all the popular games to promote ur own, pretty sneaky... or clever?!?!.;)

Inside_out2911d ago ShowReplies(5)
captain-obvious2911d ago

didnt DICE say the same thing about BFBC2 ?


Im tired of all these devs trying to compare graphically to Uncharted 2. Give it a rest and try your best. As for the 360 players... doesnt it sound obvious that the PS3 has the best graphics this gen?? Maybe thats WHY everyone try to beat Uncharted 2, KZ2 and God of War3. I have high hopes for Enslaved and I have no doubt it will look amazing, but im tired of 3rd party devs trying to convince all that their game is going to look as good or better than these PS3 exclusives. Dont overhype it that way...impress us and STFU!! I have seen some games trying and some fanboys riding the BETTER GRAPHICS THAN _______ overhyping train. You want examples? How about SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION, ALAN WAKE AND METRO 2033...all disapointing games. STOP IT ALREADY!!!!


SOAD2911d ago

They said their vistas looked better than the vistas in Uncharted 2. And I've played both and BC2's far-off environments do look amazing.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2911d ago

Titles a bit misleading isnt it? Says underneath its as beautifully animated as uncharted. To me that would be climbing animations etc rather than actual graphics.

AAACE52911d ago

That title alone is bound to piss someone off! Especially with it coming to 360.

palaeomerus2909d ago

It'll mainly just piss off PS3 fanboy idiots who can't read.

Davoh2911d ago

we'll just have to wait and see, the title is misleading it actually says it's as beautifully ANIMATED as Uncharted. Also comparing it to Mario, Gears and Uncharted are very huge claims.

Shane Kim2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Art direction may look better for an individual, for example I can say that Legends of Mana is the best looking game because of it's art direction but technically it's NOT. I can allready see that this game is nowhere near Uncharted 2 technically. And that's why KZ2 is still technically above anything else.

bobcostus2911d ago

Ninja theory are very good developers. Enslaved's graphics won't match Uncharted 2, but it's animations very well could.

What better game to aim for than Uncharted 2? If we had more developers aiming to best Uncharted 2, we would have ALOT more great games to play. You guys really forget that competition = GOOD for the consumer.

Ninja theory did call ND the "Best console developers in the world" after all.

AKS2911d ago

I seriously doubt that. Unless you are talking about cut scene motion capture animation specifically, I have a better chance of getting a date with Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman than Ninja Theory has a chance of outperforming Naughty Dog in animation. It's just not going to happen. I am a fan of Ninja Theory, too.

gtamike2911d ago

unlikey really unlikey

vhero2911d ago

Another game claiming this eh? Fair enough.. Let them come.. Let the fanboys be disappointed when it releases.. As for the people who give a crap I reckon the game probably will look amazing anyways as for as beautiful as uncharted...

Greywulf2911d ago

1. Enslaved 'as beautiful as Uncharted'

Actual text..

"Ninja Theory's Enslaved is 'as colourful as Mario, as detailed as Gears and as beautifully animated as Uncharted"

So that makes all comments here irrelevant.

Just another dev claiming to best a PS3 exclusive to get hits, wonder why CVG didn't put "As Detailed As Gears!" as the title?

wages of sin2911d ago ShowReplies(1)
2911d ago
MNicholas2911d ago

Why? Because Uncharted 1 didn't really use the Cell to accelerate the GPU.

Uncharted 2 quality would be highly unlikely. Not impossible (at least on PS3 version) but not at all likely.

BattleAxe2911d ago

Heavenly Sword was a beautiful game, so I'm sure that this game will be high in the quality department.

SaberEdge2911d ago

Look at all the usual suspects in a frenzy, shouting "no game can equal da pS3z exklusivs". It's really sad.

It's clear just from the trailer that is on the site that the game is extremely gorgeous and the other thing is, they have actually seen the game in person, you guys haven't. Even when games look as good as PS3 exclusives you guys just deny it, because it goes against your fanboy religion.

jwatt2911d ago

Saber I have to agree with you as a Sony fan, this video looks as good as Uncharted! Plus The fact that Heavenly Sword looked very impressive for a first generation title leads me to believe why it's possible!

Traveler2911d ago

I don't know whether this game will end up looking better or worse than any other particular game, but I do believe that better looking games are possible on both consoles. I honestly don't see much difference between the two consoles. I think it is mostly up to the developer.

commodore642911d ago

Completely agree SaberEdge.

I just don't understand these ps3 fanatics.
It's like their whole identity and wellbeing is connected to the ps3.

Anything that remotely criticises the ps3 or its games, is debubbled and hissed at. It's like being in kindergarten i tells ya.

I welcome any announcement that raises the bar, particularly multiplat, such as this.

I guess with regard to new games that potentially raise the bar, real gamers rejoice, while the fanboys insecurely cling to their past vacuous fanboy trophies.

MNicholas2911d ago

do look a lot better.

That's why even developers of 360 exclusives refer to PS3 exclusives like KZ2, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 as benchmarks.

If you know of any 360 games that the development community refers to as visual benchmarks, please list them.

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beardpapa2911d ago

Stupid article contributor. "beautifully animated" and "visually similar" are two VERY different things.

And "as beautiful as Uncharted" is not the same as beautifully animated

goflyakite2911d ago

In art style maybe but definitely not in graphics.

DirtyLary2911d ago

Well that's gotta be flattering for Naughty Dog. Another dev needs to use their name to get attention for their own game.

solar2911d ago

UC2 was great. but it didnt push any genre or innovate to put itself ontop of games it's modeled after. games need to do both. which isnt happening with this generation on consoles.

XactGamer2911d ago

Uncharted isn't king of the hill in graphics you know, it's just the best that the PS3 can do.

MNicholas2911d ago

Certainly looks better than any game currently on the 360 but there's no reason why the 360 shouldn't have a game that looks that good.

Uncharted 2, on the other hand , is a different level of performance all together.

Another One2911d ago

Noooooo! It can't be! Nothing will ever, ever compare to Uncharted!!

Umm...excuse me...The game looks pretty impressive. If it really can compare favorably with Uncharted then that would be awesome. I did like what I see from the trailer.

StitchJones2911d ago

So agree with the comment. Even if it does look great. We all got swindled by how short Heavenly Sword was. I'm not gonna drop another $60 for a title like this.

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GWAVE2912d ago

Enslaved does look interesting, but their last game (which still has some of the best graphics and animations of this generation, though haters will deny it) didn't do so hot with the media. Oh wait. Enslaved will be I guess the media will heap praise upon this game.

And Gears ain't all that detailed.