Spoiler Alert: God of War III

Battlemouth: I just got my PS3 a week ago (yes, as this article suggests, I’m late on everything) and really needed to catch up on some games. Just before GoW3 came out my friend gave me GoW for PS2. He had gotten it long before and just picked up 2 to play it before 3 came out. I really enjoyed GoW and the day I bought my PS3 I eagerly took 2 and 3 from my friend.

On Tuesday I played 2. All of it. On Thursday and Friday I played God of War 3. I specifically remember two things I heard about this game. Everyone was talking about it and just how amazing the game really was. OK, that’s good to hear, but no specifics?

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Bordel_19002966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

JoshKirby, just wow, what a morron you are.

You give it 2.5 out of 5.....

Who cares about your opinion anyway.

Gow of War 3 is an awesome action game, no discussion.

Don't even click his retarded article.

LordMarius2966d ago

eventhough I think the ending could have been executed better(not changed drastically) the game is great, deal with it

BattleAxe2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I read his article, and its the last time I visit that site. I played all 3 games and they got better each time.

I don't usually like hack and slash games, but God of War is the only one that I have enjoyed and loved in the last 15 years. I even liked GoW enough that I played through GoW:COO on PSP. Normally though I can't stand hack and slash.

The reason he hasn't played any PS3 games is because obviously he's a 360 fanboy. Just another garbage website on the net.

ShinMaster2966d ago

He says everything is great except the ending(in his opinion) and that seemed enough to knock the game down to half? Wow.

Myze2966d ago

Yes, this is what is called an impulse review. He just got finished playing the game, and was pissed at the ending, so he rights a review in anger and at the end he says "Ha, 50%, that's what you get for not ending the way I wanted you to." In other words, he makes himself sound like an idiot because 1% of the game wasn't good enough for him.

I wouldn't say the ending was good or bad, but I think the absolute end was well played, as it leaves the series open one way or the other. Either way, even if I had hated the ending, the experiences given by the rest of the game make it the best game of its kind maybe ever, or at least since GoW1 or 2, and definitely provided the most (overused word) epic experience any game has ever produced.

ShinMaster2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I don't want to spoil the ending, but...
I liked the ending because he releases hope to the world rather than keeping the power for himself or handing it over to ------.

heroicjanitor2966d ago

The ending took up TEN MINUTES of his valuable time!? How dare they!

despair2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

waste of time to read this rubbish..its not even very informative, just a problem with the last fight and the so it must get a 2.5 and dis GI for the perfect score.....should have listened to Bordello1900, don't read this nonsense.

oh yea like many persons I played the GOW collection before hand and it in no way reduced the GOW 3 experience.

Rucury2966d ago

So what? I hated GOW3's story. I felt his rage was justified in the first game. Ares did a horrible thing. I felt good when I battled him.

God of War 2 started out awesome. Then it threw some Titans into the story. Awesomer. Then I kept saying to myself, "man, Kratos is just ridiculously furious at Zeus..."

It dragged on. "KRATOS SQUISH", is what was going through his mind...

Meh, watch Zero Punctuation's Video Review of God of War 3. I agree with most of what he says:


But seriously, a 2.5/5 is a little too low... 4/5 is what I would've given it. 8/10.

DaTruth2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

If someone tried to kill me, I would be ridiculously furious! But if someone succeeded in killing me and forced me to fight my way out of Hell... Well, needless to say, my anger would be unparalleled!!!

Of course tricking me into killing my family would be far worse, but still!

Ontopic: Clearly this is a 360 fanboy review. These guys are really pissed at being forced to buy the console they hated all these years, just to get a quality gaming experience and games all year around, not just November/December.

ShinMaster2966d ago

I'd have to disagree with parts of what was said in the Zero Punctuation review.
Kratos shows a more compassionate side of himself with Pandora.

raztad2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

OK. So for this "site" GoW3 is 5/10? I see, of course, it has to be, right?

I think the author dont want to be taken seriously.


"man, Kratos is just ridiculously furious at Zeus..."

I dont think you played GoW2. Otherwise you wouldnt saying such nonsense.

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