Epic on Gears of War 3: "The COG Are No More"

NowGamer: In an official Gears of War 3 audio cast, Epic Games executive producer Rod Fergusson reveals major plot points in Gears of War 3, including the fate of the COG and Delta Squad.


Original audio cast located at the Game Informer gears of War 3 portal -

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AngryFork2788d ago

Good, PS3 owners don't want/care for it. Uncharted 2 will still be better for the singleplayer alone, let alone Uncharted 3.

SuperStrokey11232788d ago

Im a ps3 owner and I wish gears came to PS3 for sure. Uncharted is better but Gears is also super fun. WOuld be great to see it on ps3. Please dont pretend to speak for all of us ok?

n4f2788d ago

see that angryfork, what superstrokey did was man talk + bubble for superstrokey

jmallymav2788d ago

i own both systems, and i wouldnt mind one bit if it came out for ps3...bubbles, strokey

Al Bundy2788d ago

That's actually one of the few times you can use that logo and it be true.

solidt122788d ago

I own both consoles. So I Win either way. :)

fastrez2788d ago

Shame that the PS3 folk won't get to play it. It's a brilliant game that deserves to be enjoyed by all.

Double Toasted2788d ago

I agree with you to a certain extent. That being Gears is brilliant, an experience unlike anything out there...period. Those folks not being able to play it I don't care what their reasons are for not being able to. All I'll say is that an exclusive is a reason to get whatever console has it. I have no problem working, saving and spending money to support my habit for any game or console. Name a game and I've likely played it, name a console I most likely owned it.

Imperator2788d ago

Well, the Gears series is good, but it's not good enough for PS3 owners to be wanting to play it. Compared to PS3 exclusives, Gears underwhelms.

If you want to a PS3 gamer wants to play this game then I suggest that you lower your expectations (it won't have amazing Graphics or anything too special).

SOAD2788d ago

I smell self-consolation.

Eamon2788d ago

lol, I think we realised that from the teaser trailer.

Can't wait for this game!

despair2788d ago

one thing that disappointed me is that i really enjoyed Gears 1 on the PC but they never released the second one. Hopefully they'll give it the Fable 3 treatment and release a PC version also...but unlikely :(

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